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Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty

SS Member Image By drodriguez 03.28.07
Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty
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Dove is now launching a new line of skin and hair care products geared toward women over fifty. The name of the new line is "pro.age" (sounds much better than the overused and slightly offensive "anti-aging" we're used to hearing, don't you think?). The models Dove has chosen for their campaign are all over the age of fifty and appear totally nude in the print ads as well as the television ads they intended to run.

Although the models are shown completely in the buff, they are positioned in a very tasteful and discreet way (after all, one would expect class with Annie Leibowitz working the camera). In these images we see every wrinkle, roll, line, and spot; definitely something we are not used to seeing in magazines, on television, or across a billboard. Dove seems to be challenging consumers once again by using stunningly gorgeous real women for their ad campaign.

On Dove's pro.age website, the line "Watch what we couldn't show you on TV" pops up before their commercial spot is shown.

Why do you think Dove couldn't run this commercial on television? Is this something you would feel comfortable seeing on network TV?

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  • b_eaml By b_eaml

    I think this ad is ABSOLUTLEY BEAUTIFUL!!! The world is full or beautiful women of all ages, sizes, colors & shapes, and I love the way Dove recognizes this!!

  • TXMomma3 By TXMomma3

    I think the campaign is wonderful. We have been slammed with nothing bet anorexic models so long. This shows how real women look!

  • anaivelisse By anaivelisse

    Let's keep in mind that THIS is an advertising campaign, an a good one. Dove sells products, but their marketing approach is different, provocative. Dove is telling women "love yourself as you are but take care of your body". Also, it is wonderful to watch real bodies (with marks and wrinkles) on TV.

  • tessielea By tessielea

    I love the Dove ads! As a woman in my early fifties I am feeling way more comfortable in my own skin than ever before in my life. The Dove ads just helped me confirm the feelings that I am beautiful because I have wisdom and life experience that is now coming from the inside that I just did not have before. My young daughters friends all tell them your mom can not be in her fifties she seems so young. I think that is because I like to keep up with current events, modern music and am open to new ways to do things. I am "Pro-Age" all the way!

  • mom2twins By mom2twins

    Honestly... I get why they do these ads so we can all feel good about aging but then they are SELLING anti-aging creams. Isn't that a bit odd? Plus if you all think it is so empowering I'm curious to know how many of you bought the products.

  • poisonred By poisonred

    I love the fact that dove is taking a look at women in their middle age days. I also love that it is takign a look at inproving ur skin in just a few minutes a day. but there r 2 factors that they r missing. One is that some of us r olive skin tone and dark skin tone,two, that we need more natural produts and less chemicals and three tow and most inportant, some of their prices r soooo high.

  • mycarlady By mycarlady

    I think the promotion is creative, edgy (which drives traffic because it stirs controversey among MEN) most women: yawn, okay we know we are cool, and capable regardless of age. This message missed one vital component: The HEALTHY aspect of their product as "WE" age. Growing old gracefully is really the cornerstone of this promotion, but the missing piece is the link to health in using their products. This ad will get you to look at the product on the shelf in the drugstore, but does it ring the register?

  • mojwmom By mojwmom

    I find it ironic that the generation of women who first fought the objectification of women are now participating in this type of ad campaign. I would think that the target audience would be those most objecting to it. Using women's bodies to sell anything is wrong, no matter what age group they represents. I think it's a "shock" campaign. Those women would be equally beautiful in some type of clothing.

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    The ads are both beautiful and artfully done! What is the problem with network television? Victoria's Secret shows skinny hipless models with silicone in much more revealing poses and it's ok? A real woman who has aged beautifully is offensive? I don't get it.

  • louisev By louisev

    I don't like the ads. If I want to see an old, naked body, I can look at my own.

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