Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty

SS Member Image By drodriguez 03.28.07
Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty
Dove is now launching a new line of skin and hair care products geared toward women over fifty. The name of the new line is "pro.age" (sounds much better than the overused and slightly offensive "anti-aging" we're used to hearing, don't you think?). The models Dove has chosen for their campaign are all over the age of fifty and appear totally nude in the print ads as well as the television ads they intended to run.

Although the models are shown completely in the buff, they are positioned in a very tasteful and discreet way (after all, one would expect class with Annie Leibowitz working the camera). In these images we see every wrinkle, roll, line, and spot; definitely something we are not used to seeing in magazines, on television, or across a billboard. Dove seems to be challenging consumers once again by using stunningly gorgeous real women for their ad campaign.

On Dove's pro.age website, the line "Watch what we couldn't show you on TV" pops up before their commercial spot is shown.

Why do you think Dove couldn't run this commercial on television? Is this something you would feel comfortable seeing on network TV?

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  • themammaof3 By themammaof3

    Kudos to Dove!   I love the new marketing! It's about time we promote real beauty with real women! I know my purchase of Dove products have increased about 400% since they started using real women in their adds!1

  • christyj By christyj

    GREAT AD...Real life!!   These are beautiful women that should be pround that they are "aging gracefully".

  • littlelamb By littlelamb

    I know getting older is the pits, but we all will have to go through it. I like the ad, but I would never do it. Those gals are really brave.

  • justus By justus

    Interesting concept.  I like that companies are recognizing us 'slightly older' folks, but I am not sure I would be comfortable with the ad on television - didn't a clothing company for the younger consumers get in trouble for less? 

  • sickly50 By sickly50

    GREAT!!! as i will be 50 y/o on Wed. the 18th! since  i'm so ill...never thought i would make it to this age but, i'm still here. this is a great way to sell more product! go DOVE!

  • tamannmom By tamannmom

    I also love the ads,I have 3 daughters and I am trying to teach them that you do not have to look like models to be beatiful. I am also trying to teach them modesty and I do not think these commercials are immodest at all,we really didnt even notice they were completely naked! Go dove!

  • glashorse By glashorse

    I love these adds! I was shocked the first time I saw them because they are completely out of the norm from what the US  public is used to seeing... the true human form!!

  • onebigkid By onebigkid

    So, if aging is normal, why are they offering "pro-age" products?

  • emilyecurry By emilyecurry

    I like the fact that it sisomething that all women can connect with.  I am very modest, so I would like them to have more clothes on so that I am not as uncomfortable watching the commercial.

  • bean By bean

    I think it is great that they are showing real women and not stick skinny models.

  • ctmeds By ctmeds

    I think its a wonderful commercial. I also think Dove was respecting what parents feel may be a bit too revealing for their children to see. They did it with class : )

  • myshelly9304 By myshelly9304

    I have no problem with the ad. There is nothing sexual about it, Just life, the way it really is.

  • KidsPartyPalooza By KidsPartyPalooza

    I saw the heavy black woman in a magazine layout. I thought she was gorgeous and sexy and wonderful.

    I'm in my mid 40s and don't and have never looked like a super model. Also, I'm not into dying my hair or making myself look younger. I am into healthy aging.

    This is an amazingly provocative and ON TARGET marketing campaign. More power to Dove for reaching a group of women who have been silenced by the corporate machine!!!

    Pro-age! Pro-wisdom!!!


    I have to agree, the human body whether young or old is a wonderful thing why hide it! Be proud!

  • ccgimmi By ccgimmi

    I happen to like the ads. I think the human body is beautiful and they are not showing anything offensive. I find them much more tasteful than soap operas and ads for tampons or hemroids. I don't feel I need to explain anything about dove ads to my kids - others I do.


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