SheSpeaks Privacy Policy

The Privacy of our SheSpeaks Members is very important to us.  This Policy describes how we capture, use and protect the personal information of our site users.  

Information that What We Capture

The information that we capture about our users falls into five categories.  

1.  Non Personal Information:  For all visitors of, whether SheSpeaks Members or not, we capture common information about web browsing, such as IP host address, pages viewed, browser type and other data, and may aggregate this data to help us improve our web site and track overall web site performance.  There is no way to opt-out of this information capture.  

2.  Personal Profile Information:  We do not capture personal information unless your register with SheSpeaks as a Member.  When you register with us, you choose a username, and provide us with personally identifiable demographic info, such as your name, email address, birthdate, address, and marital status.  You also provide us with attitudinal information, such as what kinds of products you're interested in.  We store this information linked to your username.  

3. Survey Responses:  Answers to survey questions.  We store this information linked to your username.

4.  User Generated Content:  Your discussion board comments, product ratings and reviews, blog comments, recipes and recipe ratings, and other participation in public areas of  We store this information linked to your username.  

5.  Social Network Data:  We do not collect any social network data unless you choose to use one of the social network logins (Login with Facebook or Login with Twitter) or if you choose to connect your social media accounts to through the Social Media Connections page. We may store information about your social media accounts, subject to the policies of the social media companies, linked to your username.  

How We Use Your Information on

The Personal Profile Information, Surveys User Generated Content, and Social Network Data are used to provide you with services.  Your information is displayed on as follows:

1.  Personal Profile Information:  We display the username that you selected on registration, and, if you provided us with a profile image, will show the image as well.

2.  Survey responses:  These are never shown on, except in aggregate form.

3.  User Generated Content:  This content is displayed on, linked to your username.  

4.  Social Network Data:  We do not display any social network data to other members or the public.

How We Use Your Information for SheSpeaks Programs

Our team has access to your personal information, including Personal Profile Information, Survey Responses, User Generated Content, and Social Network Data for the purposes of qualifying you for SheSpeaks Programs, and for measuring the results of those Programs.  

How We Share Your Personal Information

The personal information you provide, is used to provide superior service to you, including, but not limited to, developing Member profiles. This may include disclosure of such information to employees, representatives, officers, agents, affiliates, government and regulatory entities, third parties, and service providers. Such information and data will also be used to administer our business, the Site and Service in a manner consistent with this Privacy Statement, the Terms and Conditions, and all applicable laws, rules, regulations, or other legal obligations. In accordance with SheSpeaks Promise, SheSpeaks will not send any Member a product or service without that Member’s consent.

Following are a few examples of how we use your information:

Shipping:  To send you products in the mail, we share your name and address with our shipping partner.  We don't share any other information with them.  

Our clients:  We share Survey Responses and User Generated Content with our Clients, but only with your username, never with your real name or email address. 

Selling your Information:  We don't do this.  

Use of External Information

From time to time, we may use external data sources to verify your personal information.  As of now, the only external information we access is with the United States Postal Service to verify your mailing address for accuracy. 

Safe Use

Per our Terms and Conditions, we don't intend for anyone under the age of 18 to be a Member of SheSpeaks, and we don't solicit anyone under the age of 18 to join.  

Use of Social Network Data

We provide our Members the ability to register and log-in using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  When we offer those services, we adhere to the terms and conditions of each of the social networks with regard to use of your data, and provide you with the social networks standard disclosures and and opt-in tools.

Deletion of Data

You may request deletion of your account by sending a message to  We will deactivate your account and delete any Social Network data.  Any User Generated Content will still appear on, linked to your username.  

Use of YouTube API Services

Our Site uses YouTube API Services to display YouTube content on our site. By viewing such content on our Site, you agree to the YouTube Terms of Service (, and to the YouTube Privacy Policy (

Links to Third Party Sites
Our Site may contain links to other web sites, and other web sites may also reference or link to our Site. These other Sites are not part of SheSpeaks. We do not endorse, screen or approve, and are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such other web sites. Visiting these other web sites is at your own risk.
Changes to this Policy

We can change or amend this Policy at any time. Any changes will be posted here.