Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty

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Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty
Dove is now launching a new line of skin and hair care products geared toward women over fifty. The name of the new line is "pro.age" (sounds much better than the overused and slightly offensive "anti-aging" we're used to hearing, don't you think?). The models Dove has chosen for their campaign are all over the age of fifty and appear totally nude in the print ads as well as the television ads they intended to run.

Although the models are shown completely in the buff, they are positioned in a very tasteful and discreet way (after all, one would expect class with Annie Leibowitz working the camera). In these images we see every wrinkle, roll, line, and spot; definitely something we are not used to seeing in magazines, on television, or across a billboard. Dove seems to be challenging consumers once again by using stunningly gorgeous real women for their ad campaign.

On Dove's pro.age website, the line "Watch what we couldn't show you on TV" pops up before their commercial spot is shown.

Why do you think Dove couldn't run this commercial on television? Is this something you would feel comfortable seeing on network TV?

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  • poisonred By poisonred

    I love the fact that dove is taking a look at women in their middle age days. I also love that it is takign a look at inproving ur skin in just a few minutes a day. but there r 2 factors that they r missing. One is that some of us r olive skin tone and dark skin tone,two, that we need more natural produts and less chemicals and three tow and most inportant, some of their prices r soooo high.

  • mycarlady By mycarlady

    I think the promotion is creative, edgy (which drives traffic because it stirs controversey among MEN) most women: yawn, okay we know we are cool, and capable regardless of age. This message missed one vital component: The HEALTHY aspect of their product as "WE" age. Growing old gracefully is really the cornerstone of this promotion, but the missing piece is the link to health in using their products. This ad will get you to look at the product on the shelf in the drugstore, but does it ring the register?

  • mojwmom By mojwmom

    I find it ironic that the generation of women who first fought the objectification of women are now participating in this type of ad campaign. I would think that the target audience would be those most objecting to it. Using women's bodies to sell anything is wrong, no matter what age group they represents. I think it's a "shock" campaign. Those women would be equally beautiful in some type of clothing.

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    The ads are both beautiful and artfully done! What is the problem with network television? Victoria's Secret shows skinny hipless models with silicone in much more revealing poses and it's ok? A real woman who has aged beautifully is offensive? I don't get it.

  • louisev By louisev

    I don't like the ads. If I want to see an old, naked body, I can look at my own.

  • aprilfoolsmommie By aprilfoolsmommie

    I really do like the ads. Normally I would be offended by the women not wearing any clothing but I really do think that they way they portrayed the woman made this commercial "acceptable"

  • counselormom By counselormom

    I think that Dove is right on target with their various marketing campaigns. Their website is easy to navigate, and it is both informative and entertaining. As for the "pro age" ads, I do like them. I understand that the ads celebrate the beauty that is woman. However, I also know that in the marketing world, getting people to talk about and buy, of course, your product is the main objective. Having the models pose nude certainly gets the buzz started.

  • chappyathome By chappyathome

    These are real women. I think it's great! I wouldn't feel uncomfortable seeing this on TV, but my teenage son probably would.

  • Flower-Lady By Flower-Lady

    I also love the Dove ads. Women are not in general thin toothpicks. I for one do not want to be. I am the person I am and if anyone doesn't like it, they can go somewhere else. Dove's commercials send a very important message about our bodies and having self esteem. I use Dove products and will continue to do so.

  • jp_redbear By jp_redbear

    I think the Dove campiagn is great! Im in my twenties and have always had a bad self image when faced with all the implanted/airbrushed/unrealistic women that are Everywhere you look. The natural body is beautiful, and nothing we should be ashamed of. I also think the nude dove ad is very tasteful and a wake up call to society.

  • kareno52 By kareno52

    I love the Dove ads. These women are so beautiful and real.  As we get older, why shouldn't we be proud of the bodies that we have.

  • cvarano By cvarano

    I think these women are beautiful and I wish Dove would try harder put these ads on television.  The nude figure is a beautiful thing and these women actually seem way less naked to me than any Victoria's Secret ad I've ever seen.  They aren't portrayed as sex objects they are just women taking a risk, which, in my opinion, is awesome!  Also, I like how they pointed out the word anti-aging.  I have seen that word on so many products and just accepted it.  I never realized what an awful word that was.

  • twoluvbrds By twoluvbrds

    I like the concept of showing women of all sizes/ages/heritage, but I am not wild about ANY nude ads and would prefer that they had at least panties and a tank on.

  • BoRain By BoRain

    It's about time that a major company recognized the true beauty of the female potential & spirit, rather than focusing on the "here today, gone tomorrow", skin-deep fascination with narcissism.

    It's so refreshing to see commercials featuring women with curves & imperfections.

    (Perhaps if there were more male-centered advertising along the same route, the public idea of "the perfect man" might be altered a little.)

    As for parents who are concerned about their children seeing those women naked, I think the context of how the women are portrayed is the key factor there.  When you see a woman nude or partially nude on television, what's the purpose for it?

    To show her as a sexual object to be conquered or exploited?

    To show her as a helpless victim of rape or domestic abuse?

    Or is she simply... a woman, who is proud to be who she is?

  • truckingranny By truckingranny

    I like the ads. I am glad someone finally had the guts to show a "real" woman in an ad, as we are not all stick thin and young. As for the women being nude... more power to them, if they are comfortable doing that kind of ad.

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