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Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty

SS Member Image By drodriguez 03.28.07
Dove Ads Spotlight Beauty After Fifty
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Dove is now launching a new line of skin and hair care products geared toward women over fifty. The name of the new line is "pro.age" (sounds much better than the overused and slightly offensive "anti-aging" we're used to hearing, don't you think?). The models Dove has chosen for their campaign are all over the age of fifty and appear totally nude in the print ads as well as the television ads they intended to run.

Although the models are shown completely in the buff, they are positioned in a very tasteful and discreet way (after all, one would expect class with Annie Leibowitz working the camera). In these images we see every wrinkle, roll, line, and spot; definitely something we are not used to seeing in magazines, on television, or across a billboard. Dove seems to be challenging consumers once again by using stunningly gorgeous real women for their ad campaign.

On Dove's pro.age website, the line "Watch what we couldn't show you on TV" pops up before their commercial spot is shown.

Why do you think Dove couldn't run this commercial on television? Is this something you would feel comfortable seeing on network TV?

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  • eagleslover By eagleslover

    I love the ads. They inspire me to take care of myself now.

  • JaxxSaxx By JaxxSaxx

    I loved it. It was reality,we need more of that in this world,it's not all about the PLASTIC unreal fakeness.It was beautiful. You Go Girls!

  • iluv2quill By iluv2quill

    I'm all for "pro age". I think the ads are tastefully done and it's about time someone started to gear advertising toward the "real" women. You go girls!

  • Donnagrace By Donnagrace

    Marketing has done it's job very well, but the products are all excellent (from hair care to skin care) and that's what counts in the long run!

  • gwenni By gwenni

    the whole idea of the nudity was just to get everybody talking. good, bad or indifferent. their product has been mentioned how many times now? so regardless of whether you agree or not with the reasoning behind it, marketing has done its job (and very well)

  • lupie1 By lupie1

    The models in the commercial are thin, yes, but the ones in their print ads aren't. Why the difference? Because yet again, in the media's mind, do they have to present the idea that 'thin is the way to be.' to the buying public through the mass=marketing, far-reaching source, as television is? I give Dove thumbs up for this campaign and think its cool-but they need to keep the compaign consistant along all media outlets or it will loose its impact.

  • ladyarlette By ladyarlette

    the models are thin, except for the arfo american m,odel who society will except being rounder!! So while this ad is pro aging it still is perpetuating stereo type of women. how about a chunky white or asian lady?

  • nightengale36 By nightengale36

    I like the fact that they are using regular models instead of the skinny, unreal types. But, I think they need to have clothes on. These magazines are not the ones that I can leave out on my coffee table now and keep my standards.

  • girlsnightout By girlsnightout

    Dove's approach is on track and inspiring. With many of us baby boomers moving into and beyond our 50s -- we feel young and vibrant and beautiful.

  • susielucy By susielucy

    Dove is a good product and their commercials and ads in magazines are awesome

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