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I did not like these liners at all. Nothing special about them. They are way too small and short to be of any use to me. They are comfortable but I was too worried about leaks.

These pantiliners were really short in length, and I am not a big person. I walked 3 miles on the treadmill and the sides of them curled up. The curled up sides caused a nice chaffing on my skin. They were too small and thin. I'm not sure I would trust this for a light day, maybe just as protection.

I am not a big fan of these, unfortunately. They feel nice and light and do stay in place well, but they are TINY and really are not very absorbent. I would have to change these multiple times a day just for normal daily wear. They need to be much wider and more absorbent. I will be giving the rest of my sample pack to a friend's young petite daughter.

I was not impressed. Itkept moving. the sticky part just never seems to stick well.

I was not a fan at all,seemed cheaply made they kept moving and bunching up plus the top layer always peeled off when exposed to any moisture!!! :-(

i don't like this brand of pads they don't stay on in the right position.

these bunch up and dont like to stay in possition the are placed in

I do not like these liners. They don't absorb well, bunch up, and don't stick well at ALL. Will never repurchase this product

I find them to be to small. They do bunch up the minute you wear them. I think that if they were longer they would be better, but for now I will use another brand.

Not as sticky as I would like them to be...they move around.

Not a big fan of these plus they are super thin!

I don't use these pads anymore. They almost always leak. After I had a couple of embarrassing accidents I decided to switch to Always Ultra.

I've never been a fan of this product. It didn't often stay stuck to my underwear; it would move around. The absorbency isn't nearly as high as other brands out there.

I was impressed with the staying power of the adhesive backing and the fact that they are breathable, but not much else.... They are really small, which means that you have to be 100% accurate when placing into your panties...which defeats the purpose of me having protection against the "unexpected".

good adhesive but a bit light for me. And not long enough