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It's nice to have a pantiiner that I can actually wear and not feel it riding up my pants all the time. It's thin and does the job. I'd definitely recommend it.

love using these pantiliners i can wear them anytime

love these pantiliners. Great protection and actually feels like you're not wearing any. Very comfortable. I would definitely recommend these!

A nice pantyliner that stays in place and works well! It fits all shapes and sizes of females and you can get unscented or a light fresh scent. The price is fair and coupons/samples are always available. I wouldn't buy any other brand!

I like it that it does not feel big and bulky

Haven't tried or received the product yet but I am sure going to love this!

I love using pantiliners that I can wear and not feel like they are riding up all the time.

I bought a box the other day and they were great. I felt fresh longer than I did using other liners.

I love these pantiliners! You really do forget that you're wearing it. I definitely recommend them.

I was quite impressed with this product. It is so thin that you forget your are wearing it. However, it doesn't leak. I just don't know how carefree does it. This liner is so much better than the old original liner that was thicker and didnt have adheasive on all theway around

I will never buy another brand of pantiliners! I have to wear a pantiliner daily and it is nice having one that I can't even tell that I am wearing. The coverage is amazing and they keep me feeling fresh all day. I can't say enough good things about this product!

Its built-in odor-control ingredient works to protect its wearer from odors for eight hours. No more wet underwear or skin for me once its adhesive secures the soft, thin Carefree pad to my undies. Its feel is soft like cotton. No more ?oopses? when moisture is trapped between the top and back in the absorbent middle layer. I'm out and about again cool and confident. Thanks, tiny discrete Carefree.

I have tried many brands but I always have preferred the Carefree brand when it came to pantiliners. I didn't think that there was no way to actually improve it. I was wrong! I love that they are even more absorbing then before and actually thinner!

I love this product. It makes you forget you are even wearing it and it smells so fresh.

I like it you can hardly know you are wearing anything, the other brands its always tooo small or not wide enough. This fits just right