Sony Playstation 3

Sony Playstation 3

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Netflix, Internet, Blu-rays............What more can this thing do. I love our PS3's. Yes we own 2 . We use both everyday. It streams Netflix just like a computer. I like that unlike other dvd or blu-ray players you don't have to go on the computer first and put movies and shos in your instant que. My husband likes to play Call of Duty on it because he can play online with his friends. I was surprised to know it uses bluetoth technology so you don't need an expensive headset to listen and talk to other gamers. ALSO, I love that the web access is FREE, unlike other popular consoles. I am now trying to talk my husband into buying Move for it so we can get off of the couch and play. Great product SONY!!!!

My husbands PS3 is one of the first generation PS3 where its all fat but it still works great!!!! Hes had it ever since it came out and we both use it every day.

Bought this for my husband a few years ago, the graphics are so realistic! Kids love it too! We used it as a bluray player for awhile as well, which was very nice. We are able to stream netflix movies thru it as well.

The kids in the family love this game and it is easy to use.

My husband just bought a PS# and he really couldn't be happier. He had the XBOX 360 and had continuous problems with it so he finally gave in and traded up for the PS3. He says he hasn't encountered a single problem yet!

I use the playstation every day for ether gaming, Netflix or blue- rays

I love this system, I am a huge gamer and i download many movies. I can run them on the system and it is simple to run...

This is the perfect match for our home. I am not a big gamer/dvd watcher and hubby is a HUGE gamer. He gets to play his games with great graphics and I get a blu-ray player when I want it. We also use Netflix through it and I love the convenience of that. You can do Hulu Plus as well but we tried it and it just wasn't worth it. The best part about the PS3 is the wireless controllers. After years of having to walk over the wires with our PS2, I am glad to be able to use the PS3 controller for gaming, dvd watching, internet browsing, and even switching music (that has been downloaded from our cds right onto the console.) We also like the free trial versions of games that can be downloaded.

This is definately the #1 gaming console out there. It has the best quality graphics. It is also a bluray player. I love that there are tons of games to choose from. My kids love the games and my husband uses it for serious gaming. You can use it to listen to music and now with the new eye camera you can even video chat!

This is the best thing we have EVER boight for the family !! 5 stars !

I love the PS3. There are so many games out on this console. I'm so excited on the "Playstation Move". I've tried the "Playstation Move" at Game Stop and I just fell in love with it.

My husband and I have owned the PS3 for little over 2 years and we love it. My kids love playing as well!!

We bought the PS3 just a little over a year ago and it continues to occupy my husband as well asmy 3 year old son. NHL 10 is a great way for the boys to play together and hearing them talk thru the headset to other players is just adorable!

I love playstation 3! my favorite games are this racing one with littleee people thingys in it, i forgot the name and little big planet! it's worth getting(: way better then xbox

I love the PS3. I played what is now one of my favorite games on it, and the picture was beautiful. It is very convienient that the controller is wireless. It has a large range. I changed tracks from a totally different room!