Sony Playstation 3

Sony Playstation 3

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I have been a huge gamer for a while now and this was one of the best systems that Ps came out with but After having the Ps for a little bit you notice problems with their blue-ray player and the ability to play the movies. Another thing I hate is the fact you have to update every time you turn the blasted thing on. I have recently moved over to the Xbox 360 and I love it although it doesn't have the blue-ray it is still pretty sweet.

very expensive blie-ray player. Not a lot of good games for this

We actually really love our Playstation 3. We love playing skill and strategy games as well as family games on this very versatile system. I love the ability to watch Netflix and Blu Ray to browse online and play music on pandora watch youtube or hulu or just chat all wrapped up in one system. The only downfall I find is the price of the games themselves as well as the price of the controllers. Also the camera for camera games provides a terrible picture.

We have one it's our second one. As our first one burnt out the fan now disk area stopped working had to buy a new one same thing happening fan acting up and whole system just shuts off...

Playstation 3 doesn't have enough good games. I prefer Xbox 360s games. I've had my PS3 for a few years now (and paid a ton for it), and I've barely used it. We never play games on it anymore. Now we just use it as a Blu-Ray player. I don't think it was worth the $600 we spent, and I wish I'd never bought it.

Netflix, Internet, Blu-rays all in one..!! What more can this thing do. I love our PS3.. We use everyday. It streams Netflix just like a computer or like other dvd or blu-ray players you don't have to go on the computer first and put movies and shows in your instant que. My son likes to play Call of Duty on it because he can play online with his friends. I was surprised to know it uses bluetooth technology so you don't need an expensive headset to listen and talk to other gamers. ALSO, I love that the web access is FREE, unlike other popular consoles.. Great product SONY!!!!

My son loves his PS3. He gets he use out of it. My girls perfer the Wii.

Although I like to play Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 is fun also!

I'm mostly used to the fat version of ps3. Which the motor is loud!! BBut still has a great picture, lots of features and every popular game is available for it.

This gaming system is my husband's life!! I just like to use it for netflix and hulu, other than that, it's awesome for an adult pacifier for my spouse!

Best value for your dollar We have 2 of these at our house mostly because they are so incredibly versatile. Aside from the fact that they can play ps1 and ps2 games as well as the games made for ps3, they can also play DVDs, Bluerays, Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, and can access the internet and your home network! My only issues are that as they age they begin to overheat easily and that their browser is very difficult to use. Other than that, definately a good buy for the whole family.

Really nice game system. You can play games, watch dvd's & blu ray movies and plug in a usb to play music of view pictures. Not a lot of games available for younger children to play.

I love playstation 3! my favorite games are this racing one with littleee people thingys in it, i forgot the name and little big planet! it's worth getting(: way better then xbox

I have 2 of these my husband and sons use this everyday to play videos and movies they are in love with the play station 3 they are fans true fans they are hooked up to the website everything game stop all the networks true fans

My husband loves it, he could play for hours if he could :)