Behind the Scenes At SheSpeaks

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Behind the Scenes At SheSpeaks
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Hello! I'm Aliza Freud, the founder of SheSpeaks. We've been getting lots of requests for more information on SheSpeaks. Who we are? How did we get started? Why we're here?

Well, we figured, the best way to keep SheSpeaks members updated on what we're doing, is to just tell you directly on the site. So, we've created a section of the SheSpeaks blog dedicated to information on the behind the scenes at SheSpeaks.

I started SheSpeaks because I realized that as women we are an incredibly important and powerful group of consumers. We make up over 50% of the population in the US, we make over 83% of the purchase decisions and we have tremendous buying power of $5+ trillion!

So, if we are such an important consumer, shouldn't we have more of a say in the development, marketing etc. of products and services that are targeted to us?

With SheSpeaks, we are creating a place where women can have their say and influence these products and services- while getting them for free and connecting with one another at the same time!

Since we launched at the beginning of February, thousands of women across the country have signed up to join SheSpeaks. As our numbers grow, so does the influence of our network!

More of the story to come...

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  • christalc By christalc

    I am happy to be a part of this! It is a great opportunity to try products and be able to tell others my opinion! When I find a good product I like to share the information with all of my friends and family. Now I can do that and share with others on this site! I recived my first product on Saturday and wasted no time trying it! This is such a great concept! Thank You!!

  • dollyo47 By dollyo47

    She Speaks gives consumers the opportunity to evaluate products and have a voice in whether they are placed into the market place or not. This is a bit like mystery shopping only at a more focused point.

    I love the site and am anxious to have something to evluate and report on.

  • momala By momala

    im very excited to be apart of shespeaks. this is such a great site.

  • jamazoo By jamazoo

    Thank you she speaks for letting me try products before I actually go out and buy them! I think this is a very good website and I hope to be part of it for a long time! I like putting my 2 cents in hen I can.She speaks makes it happen for me! Thanks!

  • Angsiress By Angsiress

    I do have to say Shespeaks keeps getting better and better!!Thanks!

  • Jeanneotz By Jeanneotz

    This is such a good idea. Since women do most of the shopping we should have a voice in the products out there. Thanks!

  • cshafer08 By cshafer08

    Thanks for the opportunity to have our opinions heard! I love sharing great products with friends and family, and warning them of the not so great products...however well-intended those may be! This is a wonderful and innovative idea Aliza thank you so much!

  • adrienne198 By adrienne198

    Thank you for giving us a voice on products, seems like we never had a place to voice our opinions good or bad. I also asked my daughter and friend to join so we can let everyone know of all the wonderful things there are out there that we are missing and really could use in our homes and for personal use, and we now have guidance in purchasing those items, and are more informed. Thanks Again. Keep up the good work

  • 1hotlilmama By 1hotlilmama

    I love your site...I get on shespeaks everyday and have even talked my mom into joining! She also enjoys all the tips, tricks and comments from the other women. It's great to have a place where you can talk with other moms about what works for them or just women in general about the things they use and love. I have already been able to try a product through your site that I really like. It was great filling out the survey and being able to tell the company what I thought!

    Thank you!

  • kapcsd By kapcsd

    I am so glad I found this site - I look forward to sharing my opinions and testing products - I love doing that. Thank you so much for giving us women this opportunity.

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