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As the weather gets warmer, which of the following mark the beginning of spring for you?

Spring is right around the corner!  Thank goodness!  This winter seems to have dragged on and on!

With so many of us in a "Springy" state of mind, we were curious about how you mark the beginning of Spring.  Please tell us what you think!


doing spring cleaning (32.2%)

buying new clothes for warm weather (20.0%)

starting a diet for swimsuit season (14.5%)

spending more time outside (73.1%)

planning a summer vacation (13.3%)

As the weather gets warmer, which of the following mark the beginning of spring for you?
  • pennylane By pennylane
    on Mar 14, 2009  

    I can't wait to spend more time outside with my 1 year old son. Winter months give me major cabin fever!

  • transitgoddess By transitgoddess
    on Mar 14, 2009  

    Spring should be here in 6 days and I can't wait...its been a long, cold winter here in OH. I love Spring with the flowers blooming and birds singing....I CAN'T WAIT for warm weather.

  • mushie784 By mushie784
    on Mar 14, 2009  

    the best part of spring is not haveing to wear bulky coats and clothes to stay warm.... i can hardly wait for the spring air not hot and not cold hummmm just right

  • hmteachr By hmteachr
    on Mar 14, 2009  

    I love to garden! I have a small greenhouse and garden in my back yard and this is where I spend endless hours in the spring.

  • grynchlyx By grynchlyx
    on Mar 14, 2009  

    I must actually be the only one that doesn't really like Spring. I prefer the Winter, cold, bulky coats and all. Spring is supposed to be rejuvenation, but just signals the beginning of my hay fever.

  • jpq123 By jpq123
    on Mar 14, 2009  

    I love spring. Sunshine makes me smile more.

  • nanners520 By nanners520
    on Mar 14, 2009  

    I love spring! One of my favorite reminders is that the sun makes it warm in my house and I can open the windows and let a fresh smelling breeze in! I love spending time outside and shopping for new clothes as well.

  • frizzyborden By frizzyborden
    on Mar 14, 2009  

    I love being outside. Spring is the time for gardening, hiking, picnics and just enjoying the scenery.

  • kikilu By kikilu
    on Mar 14, 2009  

    I love the smell when the windows are open! I am ready to be outside or relaxing inside with the windows open. Spring gives me more energy!

  • iokijo By iokijo
    on Mar 14, 2009  

    Spring all the windows & doors get opened as much as possible... like kikilu said.. I love the smell... its like you can smell everything starting to grow... just really fresh smelling.. Lets me know its time to start trying to get grass to grow in the back yard where the dogs have destroyed it over the winter.. LOL I much prefer a green yard to one that looks like a dirt bike track, so I'll be happy with weeds even.