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  • TwillNot By  TwillNot    

    In my opinion, the scent didn't last as long as it should for the price. I prefer to use the Purex crystals.

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  • twinkies128 By  twinkies128    

    I have to say I really like the scent of the downy unstoppable. I wish they could make it where you didn't have to use so much but nevertheless it still adds a great scent. I love it especially for sheets and towels in our guest room

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  • leslie9203 By  leslie9203    

    I was pleasantly surprised out how well this product works, especially pet odor, cig. odor etc. I had washed some winter clothes with this, and pulled them out this past week and they still smell fresh and clean!

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  • video312 By  video312    

    I buy this often. Makes the clothes smell good. One problem is not all the product dissolves and sometimes find it still on the clothes. I don't usually use a lot because it cost a lot and I try to make it last.

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  • anjbranch11 By  anjbranch11    

    Never really liked the scents this product offers. Original Downy is my favorite.

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  • lshock200 By  lshock200    

    I love this stuff it smells so nice and keeps your clothes smelling so good.

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  • hirschfeld4 By  hirschfeld4    

    Love love love downy unstoppables. Amazing product. They make your clothes smell so good!!!

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  • KitaJB By  KitaJB    

    I LOVE THESE!!! They make my clothes smell so good. When my boyfriend uses them unfortunately he feels the need to OVER use them but oh well. I actually need to buy some Target I go :)

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  • karenbebe By  karenbebe    

    These little rocks smells so good!! The scent last for a while!! After I washed my colthes, it smell amazing!! I put it in my closet for a week before I wear them and I can still smell the scent!! Will def. buy it again!!

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  • SHudgins31 By  SHudgins31    

    I love how good it makes my clothes and sheets smell. I don't know if it lasts 2 weeks like people say because I haven't waited 2 weeks to wash them.

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  • Playinggrownup By  Playinggrownup    

    Love this!! It makes musty towels smell fresh and sheets keep that awesome fresh sheet smell in between washings. These also kill the not so fresh smell that my kids stuffed animals and pillow pets acquire.

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  • bambiluv By  bambiluv    

    Great smell! Just a lil on the pricey side, so I try to make it last.

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  • ccummins10 By  ccummins10    

    These make my laundry smell good for weeks! I have even had people ask me why my clothes and blankets smell so good!

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  • mary616 By  mary616    

    Love it!!!

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  • kristennh By  kristennh    

    my mom uses these and they make the laundry smell so good and soft

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