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  • Nphillips730 By  Nphillips730    

    Absolutely recommend!

    I absolutely love love LOVE this movie! My one year old son has a few select movies that he loves to watch he will just sit there and laugh at the screen and get all excited jumping up and down it?s the cutest little thing! It has a great lesson in it although my son is too young to understand it yet but it is a nice reminder for myself as well!

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  • rollerskatingchick By  rollerskatingchick    

    Great movie for kids, my little sister cannot stop watching this on replay. It's funny, has its fair share of songs. Not to mention the great message it gives to the children about preserving our environment.

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  • JoselynegGuzman09 By  JoselynegGuzman09    

    Love it, and my kids too, I even enjoy it more than my kids. It has a strong message

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  • MariaReviewsAll By  MariaReviewsAll    

    gives kids a lesson while making them laugh

    Sometimes, we don't listen to people with honest things to say because we hear them often. People disregard climate change because they believe it's overblown. This movie is beautiful in it's genre because it gives kids a lesson while making them smile and laugh. Yes, the songs aren't crazy creative in meter or rhyme nor are they going to be on a music theory test, but it's a childrens film and in that genre, it shines and is worth a watch!

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  • LuckyBobtail By  LuckyBobtail    

    It's a pretty entertaining movie with a very heavy lesson in it.

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  • BiancaCloxton By  BiancaCloxton    


    Obsessed. I could watch this movie with my son 400 times! Haha! He loves it. Such a great plot, brings awareness to animals and nature. Beautiful graphics. Cute characters.

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  • Prettydeadcreature By  Prettydeadcreature    

    Great lesson

    My kids and I love this movie and I loved the lesson you learn behind the movie that if you don't take care of the trees and just keep cutting them down to be greedy for money one day we won't have them and we won't have fresh air and beautiful real plants anymore

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  • Nellygirl07 By  Nellygirl07    

    I love this movie. My kids like it but I think I watch it more than them.

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  • kyliesheree14 By  kyliesheree14    

    Really good movie. Teachers kids and adults a very valuable lesson.

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  • chaelacorn By  chaelacorn    

    Great educational yet fun movie

    Even as an adult, this movie really gets to me. I will never tire of it. The message is so dang powerful and continues to become even more relevant as the years go by. The inspirational messages are ENDLESS. I found this movie (and the book of course) to be so powerful that I will be getting a tattoo of a truffela tree. I hate to admit it but I like the animation of the trees in the movie better than in the book, so my tree will resemble those in the movie. Such vivid color. Great movie for ALL ages.

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  • MoHolster By  MoHolster    

    Would watch again

    I don't know how many times I've watched this, but it's a lot! It is a funny classic, and I would watch it again. The story line is good, and the movie is hilarious!

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  • mrimmer16 By  mrimmer16    

    I found this movie to be funny. I liked how it gave a lesson in the end and he had to learn the hard way that he was not invincible.

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  • happyathomemommy By  happyathomemommy    

    My whole family loved this movie! The bright colors are so pretty. It is added as a forever family favorite!

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  • ArianWolf By  ArianWolf    

    Definitely a must see!

    By far one of my more favorite movies! I love the Dr. Suess books and all of the movies they've made from them so far, but they really went above and beyond my hopes and expectations on this one. I love the whole story and the meaning behind all of it. They really expanded in a great direction on what Dr. Suess was trying to get people to see. A must see for the whole family!

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  • LaLaura By  LaLaura    

    This is a catchy film with a great message for kids about valuing our natural world and limited resources. Loved the musical take on the original Seuss. I couldn't stop singing it!

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