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  • sherilyn By  sherilyn    

    Great cookies at a great price!

    I love these butter waffle cookies. The only thing I don't like about them is that I could eat the whole box in probably 2 days! It's really that good. Very buttery yet not overwhelming and light but crisp. If there was a Trader Joe's in Hawaii I would be fully stocked at all times! Whenever we take trips and visit Trader Joe's, this is something that definitely comes home with us - and not just one, we buy for ourselves, family and friends.

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  • KannChan159 By  KannChan159    

    Delicious Cookies

    These cookies are flavorful of buttery goodness. They smell and taste so good, it's irresistible. Nice texture and my husband who is picky loves these cookies.

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  • wizardewu By  wizardewu    

    The best

    These cookies are thin, crisp and so buttery. They are the best cookies with only real ingredients.

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