SheSpeaks January Community Survey

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 07, 2022

We asked SheSpeaks members how they were feeling going into 2022!

Over 1,000 women from the SheSpeaks community weighed in on 2022 goals, female mentorship, social media, and work-life balance, among other topics.

1. 2022 is the year that we say yes to things that fulfill us and no to everything else.
Based on the survey data, only 55 percent of women currently feel fulfilled in their life. A whopping 93 percent of women want to improve some things in their life. And if you feel like you're lacking motivation, you're not alone. 70 percent of women wish they had more motivation.

2. Is your life how you dreamed it five years ago? 
We asked women if their life is what they pictured it would be five years ago, and 44 percent said "no," 38 percent said "somewhat," and 18 percent "yes."

3. This year we are going to celebrate our accomplishments.
Only 56 percent of women said they felt they had something to be proud of last year. To the 44 percent who weren't sure or felt like they had nothing to be proud of, we hope you crush your goals in 2022!

Below you can click through all the January survey responses! We would love to know if any of these resonate with you in the comments below!

What is something you want to improve this year that would make you feel more fulfilled? Also, tell us below if your life is different than what you dreamed, and is it better? What steps are you taking to make your dreams come true in 2022?


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Sweetsurrender8 by Sweetsurrender8 | Ephrata, PA
Jun 28, 2022

It's hard for me to get a job and take care of my 3 kids. I totally relate to these reviews.

Hanan1979 by Hanan1979 | Ajman, OU
Jun 27, 2022

My life is not what I was expecting. I'm not currently satisfied or fulfilled with my life. But, in otherside I love my family.

Missfoster by Missfoster | Springhill, FL
Jun 20, 2022

I think alot of wemon are perfectionist,and always to hard on ourselves. I never feel like I've done enough. Very hard to feel filliment

Missfoster by Missfoster | Springhill, FL
Jun 20, 2022

I want to get mentally at peace

Nancybeary by Nancybeary | Willingboro, NJ
Jun 18, 2022

This hits it right on the nails head. I was feeling very unaccomplished because of a disability and not being able to work. Trying to make a new life or generate income. You have definitely pumped me up to keep pushing forward.

holamar by holamar | Gardena, CA
Jun 16, 2022

In the next 5 years I aim to be more present in my children and in the elders in my family's life. I was told that I'm in the sandwich stage of life. Getting there would mean to really press hard on earning more money so I could scale back on the amount of hours I'm away from home. I will feel more fulfilled by being with family who need my help.

Terrie1122 by Terrie1122 | Harrisonville , MO
Jun 15, 2022

My marriage a better job,to see my kids

Star01622 by Star01622 | Salem, VA
Jun 06, 2022

My financial situation

BluGen420 by BluGen420 | Quincy, WA
Jun 04, 2022

I love it

Mochabean101 by Mochabean101 | Reedsburg, WI
May 25, 2022

Prioritizing my own self care getting my finances in order/saving for the future dating and finding a romantic partner I'm like the 70% of women I wish I felt more motivated I want to improve that I've heard of it just never really celebrated it child Care zero or sometimes 10 caring for parents zero Aaron's 5 home financing budgeting and bills 0 home chores 0 volunteering 10 job 20% of my energy is spent on my job most of my energy is spent on my personal responsibilities short-term savings 60% saving for college 0% saving for retirement 0% getting out of debt 0% preparing for an emergency 20% budgeting 10% investing 5% saving for a home 0% my word for 2022 is Hope my life so far is different than what I dreamed it's worse in different ways I feel more fulfilled when I save up money and or do stuff I need to do the steps I'm taking to make my dreams come true it's going to school something I want to change this year is my mental health and getting better

tinkersparkle by tinkersparkle | Lowndes, MO
May 24, 2022

Getting healthy. Switching to a vegan lifestyle. Starting a new business.

SimplySunny by SimplySunny | Port Saint Lucie, FL
May 04, 2022

My life is not what I was expecting. I'm not currently satisfied or fulfilled with my current position in the world.

Jaycelh by Jaycelh | Rizal, OU
Apr 25, 2022

I really need to work just to make my life even better. I want to fulfill my dreams.

LeezasDream by LeezasDream | Lavonia , GA
Apr 20, 2022

This is a great site!

pbishop by pbishop | Falls of rough, KY
Apr 20, 2022

Gotta find some new things getting tired of the same old stuff