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  • Habladora By  Habladora    

    Pretty and bold

    I love this lipstick the color is beautiful and bold and it does not dry out my lips like many lipsticks and goes I'm nice and smooth.

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  • cpalo123 By  cpalo123    

    I have tried several of the rimmel lipsticks. I love the texture of the lipstick. Easy to apply and the coverage lasts a long time. The best part is how affordable this brand is.

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  • MelisaReviewz By  MelisaReviewz    

    I love these lipsticks. The formula is super smooth and buttery, not drying and chalky like a lot of long wear lipsticks. I own about 10 different shades, but the nudes are my favorite. All the shades are nicely pigmented and opaque. They only require a thin layer for full coverage, so you don't get that gloopy sticky feeling.

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  • crb310 By  crb310    

    I've purchased these multiple times from the drugstore and they're all extremely pigmented. I wish they had darker shades but the reds are absolutely gorgeous, not to mention, super affordable.

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  • bambola By  bambola    

    I got this product to test and review. When I got this lipstick I was so excited until I opened it and saw the shade. It was purple and I don't wear that colour until I gave it a try. Wow amazing !!!! I got so many compliments it was embarrassing. I guess Kate and Rimmel know what they are doing. Well now you know I like the colour on to the effectiveness of the lipstick. It applies like a charm and does not bleed big bonus... It does stay on quite a long time just not the 8 hour they advertise but no lipstick has ever lasted that long for me anyway so this is a win for how long it last. Also after a couple of hours the colour is still true and not a very toned down one that you don't recognize the original colour. My lips feel nice and soft not like other long wear lipstick where you feel dry and cracked. I definitely will buy this and I recommend to anyone looking for a great lipstick.

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