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  • Luna68 By  Luna68    

    My kids and I love these Quaker breakfast squares. We prefer the brown sugar flavor over all the rest. Great to grab on the go!

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  • Tammy97229 By  Tammy97229    

    These are my go to sanck!

    My family loves these! I love how they are an easy snack or breakfast on the run! They are the perfect size for fighting off the afternoon hunger!

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  • Megstar By  Megstar    


    Great for breakfast to have with my coffee. They taste good and I like how much fiber they have in them. Not too sweet like some bars are. I sometimes have one for an afternoon snack because they fill you up until dinner time!

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    on the go

    These are great on the go. They can be a bit dry, but I still like them.

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  • aleesarmiento By  aleesarmiento    

    Oatmeal rich

    all that i have to say is Yummy yummy, great for snack or for breakfast with some fruit.

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  • Amber554 By  Amber554    

    They have a great taste !! One of the things I like that they are perfect for in the go!!!

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  • Griseida By  Griseida    

    Taste great and easy to fix. I don't mind my little ones asking for this oatmeal everyday. We give them a half portion of this oatmeal add some bananas and serve it with scrambled eggs. They get a nutritious breakfast and are happy because it tastes great

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  • Dunmore00 By  Dunmore00    

    Quick on the go

    A great travel grab on the go fill you up snack or breakfast replacement. I enjoyed the oatmeal bars with a hint of sugar drizzle !

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  • Singlemamaof3crazzyboys By  Singlemamaof3crazzyboys    

    Genius way of getting kids to eat oatmeal!

    This are an absolute must especially if you have school aged children! My older 2 boys will grab one on the way out the door. They are easy, convenient, healthy and delicious! All 3 of my son's hate oatmeal but love these. They really are amazing, no complaints here!

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  • Artisticnic By  Artisticnic    

    Great on the go snack for anytime of the day!

    My family loves these! My daughter (age 3) likes them and I love having them as a super quick breakfast snack or anytime of the day.

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  • Kcurrans12 By  Kcurrans12    

    These are great! I love packing snacks. I'm a mother of 3 kids, and I work full time. These are delicious, they are on the healthier side, great and convenient.

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  • ckh5034 By  ckh5034    

    These Oatmeal squares are so wonderful when you are on the run. If you need a pep during the day this is so good and also great to hold you till dinner.

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  • couponingcarla By  couponingcarla    

    breakfast never tasted so good an easy anquick all that goodness in that small package

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  • SheilaMichelle By  SheilaMichelle    

    Great to pack in a lunch, have on hand in the cupboard for a quick snack, or eat with breakfast or coffee!

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  • SophiaG By  SophiaG    

    Healthy Snack

    Healthy on the go snack you dont feel guilty giving your child for breakfast!

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