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  • Friesgirl By  Friesgirl    

    Holy Grail

    smells like cake batter comes in a wide variety of shades, and I had excellent customer service!! I never really feel much on my lips but if you put on too many layers it will stay tacky and isn't transfer proof. will dry out lips so I recommend sleeping in a good lip balm.

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  • bluecupcakee By  bluecupcakee    

    Best liquid lipstick!

    This liquid matte lipstick is honestly the best I have ever used! It last a very long time and it's not super drying on your lips, but it drives down to a very nice matte and is transfer proof. One of my favorite color is is the Black Velvet which is a black lipstick and I can eat with it and there's barely any product missing if any.

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  • nahioon By  nahioon    

    I LOVE THIS. Seriously! I ran out of mine a few weeks ago and I need to get some more. The colors look vibrant, doesn't come off easily, and I get complimented on it everytime I wear it!

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  • Debbiehickman By  Debbiehickman    

    I can't rave enough about this product! I am in love with the formula. I am pretty picky about my liquid to matte lipsticks but limecrime is at the tip of my list! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. The packaging is fantastic as well as the applicator. You will get a long lasting wear out of it. Although it is a bit pricey it is worth the investment in my opinion. It is completely kiss proof and won't come off on your glass while drinking. I will continue buying and using this product!

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  • Pearlypearl By  Pearlypearl    

    Omg. Where do i start with this... I LOVE cashmere it's soo beautiful , like a nude gray . I definitely give these a 10+ rating , soo good and pigmented and totally worth the price. (:

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  • rachelrivera1313 By  rachelrivera1313    

    These are my all time favorite! They have amazing staying power! 12 hrs! Also, they smell sweet like cake and its quite adorable and happy making to smell when applying. They are super opaque. I usually apply two layers and I'm set to go. I can drink, talk, eat, and even give a kiss or two without worrying about smears or smudges. I do warn however, this on me at least tends to dry my lips a bit and comes off when I eat with food that has oil on it such as olive oil. That being said, I've found an oil cleanser or olive oil is the best way to remove this after you are done wearing it.

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  • stefaniepowers By  stefaniepowers    

    I really, really love the Lime Crime Velvetines. I own Red Velvet (beautiful bright red) and Wicked (deep burgundy with brown tints) and they are both amazing. When you apply, it's more of a liquid that dries into a really vivid matte that lasts for hours. The product isn't sticky at all. It goes on smoothly and looks great in its natural matte state or without a bit of gloss on top.

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  • AshleyEverett By  AshleyEverett    

    The best liquid lippie I have ever used! The colors are lush, great and original( They did cashmere and now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and producing a greyish nude). The staying power is legit, this stuff does not budge. I literally had to reach for the thickest cold cream I had and then had to use a warm wet cloth to remove it but, it didnt bother me one bit. The only con is they are a bit pricey but, if you think about how long this product hugs your lips, the price is actually pretty reasonable if you purchase a color that you could see yourself wearing often.

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  • EPalma By  EPalma    

    This is my holy grail!!!! I love this product. I just love everything about this. It doesn't transfer and stays on all day.

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  • samanthalee139 By  samanthalee139    

    the colors, the wear, I mean...whats not to love?!

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  • Linzorrr By  Linzorrr    

    This stuff is seriously the best! The packaging is the cutest from the product itself to the box it is shipped in.. The product is a liquid lipstick that doesn't come off. It goes on shiny and smooth like a lipgloss and dries matte and wait for it... NOT STICKY!! It smells like cake batter and seriously even after eating and drinking just doesn't move! It's a little pricey and unless you live in certain cities has to be ordered but well worth the price and the wait!!

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