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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    


    Passionfruit is my fave! Watermelon and coconut are runner ups! Perfect for hot summer days!

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  • Archie By  Archie    


    I love the labeling on these, which enticed me to purchase some, for more that I would normally pay. It was ok, nothing special, the flavors are not strong. Overpriced, you could get something better for less. But the label is the best.

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  • aguayoa By  aguayoa    

    La Croix!

    Lots of flavors, no calories and great size options.

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  • storm1 By  storm1    

    Refreshing when iced

    I really like La Croix sparkling water. There is no juice in the beverages but it does have fruit flavors which makes it very refreshing when you drink it cold!

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  • Veronicalodge By  Veronicalodge    

    Can?t livr without my coconut la croix! Many sparkling beverages have been on the rise since, i reviewed bubbly and like it very much and would possibly like it more if they had a coconut one I could compare to la croix! The only other flavor I?ve gotten from la croix is the peach/pear which I?ve gotten if there?s been a deal for two or my coconut has been out of stock. There is no sodium which is important to look at because some of the fellow brands will add things that can easily be overlooked and ignored so it?s important to pay attention! My favorite is sanavi because it?s adtually coconut sparkling spring water so to me, that?s the Creme de la Creme as I don?t drink anything aside from hot tea (jasmine in the Day chamomile at night), and hardly ever drink alcohol, I live off of water, whether it?s spring or purified, it?s always bottled (I can?t drink tap, was raised on spring, so even brita or whatnot grossed me out). Many people do t care about this and would be this way about gluten or vegan stuff, but for me, I can?t deal with anything that has a metallic or strange taste. La croix coconut has remained my favorite but is still up against many future competitors to come! Waterloo for instance, I recently tried, a box of the mango, and had a hard time drinking more than a few sips. However my brother told me to forget that, and the coconut is amazing, so I?m anxious to find it & see if it compares! That I believe is purified water vs la croix, which is plain carbonated water, so Waterloo might have an edge there!

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  • bekahchica By  bekahchica    

    Yes! no yucky after taste

    This has become my go to. I love bubbles but hate the taste of sweeteners in diet soda or the calories of regular. This gives me something fun and clean to drink when I want more than plain water.

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  • Senoraspeaks27 By  Senoraspeaks27    

    Great in place of soda

    I enjoy these when I want the fizz of soda without the extra sugar. My favorite flavors are grapefruit and coconut. I only gave this product three stars because while I do enjoy it, I have found that less inexpensive brands taste just as good.

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  • Kclift By  Kclift    

    Amazing Flavors & Strong Social Responsibility

    LaCroix is my #1 favorite sparkling water. I love this the most because they have endless flavors and they're flavor is the best out of all of the waters out there. Some are very good, but LaCroix is the best. They're owned by National Beverage Corp and they are very transparent on their social responsibilities. You can donate to St. Jude, they are environmentally conscious, the pride themselves in supporting the military, and they also donated to ABC's Extreme Makeover!

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  • LeanettaScott By  LeanettaScott    

    Best Guilty Pleasure

    I love these waters. I first tried one at the Target canteen and I was hooked afterwards. I have to have some and they help curb my thirst for soda pops. I love all the flavor creations and if they were sweetened it would give some those other brands a run for their money. They don't come sweetened and I don't add any so my kids don't drink them. More for me!

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  • meganam By  meganam    

    I buy these every week and usually have one every day. Most flavors are delicious. The only few I don't like are the coconut and the unflavored ones. Other than that they are exactly what you would expect - unsweetened carbonated flavored water. A lot of people that I know drink soda regularly and therefore don't like these. I'm not a big soda drinker, too sweet for me, but like to have something flavored and carbonated here and there, which is why I buy these. If you drink soda a lot and expect something sweet then you won't like these.

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  • MrsRick06 By  MrsRick06    


    Waste of money! Was told this would be a good replacement for pop to help me quit. Not at all! Tastes horrible and gave me heart burn.

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  • Resumy By  Resumy    


    LaCroix is just right if you are looking for something bubbly and refreshing without sugar. It tastes best cold on a hot summer day.

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  • Mhanna416 By  Mhanna416    

    La croix tastes like sparkling water not worth the extra money because they all taste the same. These drinks are more like a status symbol then an way to stay health.

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  • heathernewman By  heathernewman    

    My husband and I used to be addicted to soda and energy drinks. We switched to these right off the bat and they are great substitutes! It takes a little bit to get used to (after drinking Dr Pepper for so long). I think the grapefruit is the best!

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  • retailhotty25 By  retailhotty25    

    These drinks have less sugar and calories and it does not taste as bad as some of the sparkling waters that are out there with the same amount of sugar.

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