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  • soumyaranjan12 By  soumyaranjan12    

    Tasty Ice cream

    Hi , I m writing this review because that the product I use is so nice and very very tasty . Also chocolate is my favourite but the model of this chocolate ice cream and the taste is mind-blowing . I m glad to review this because I think people know about this very fast .

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  • Anmedford By  Anmedford    

    We love Kroger Ice Cream

    This ice cream taste as good as any name brand but cheaper. We love Kroger ice cream. Smooth and creamy.

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  • Havamarie475 By  Havamarie475    

    So yummy 😋

    For an off brand I was pleasantly surprised it is so creamy and absolutely yummy!

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  • Iamsalma By  Iamsalma    

    This is just amazinggg, i'ts very delicious and the after tast is so satisfying 😋

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  • gguiliano By  gguiliano    

    Kroger Deluxe Churned light ice cream!

    Kroger Deluxe Churned light ice cream is my favorite! I used to love one of the top rated expensive brands until I tried Kroger's. My favorite flavor is "Death by Chocolate". It is so rich and creamy with so much chocolate flavor! I can't believe it's a light ice cream. I like it better than their regular ice cream! They also have a mint chocolate chip that has shaved dark chocolate throughout, no teenie tiny bits of chocolate here! They have so many flavors, I'm sure there's one for everyone! I buy the light because I want to not because I need to! At $1.99 to $2.50 a container, its the best for the money, also!

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