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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Helpful during cold and flu season

    When my boys were little and had colds or stuffy noses, I would use Johnson's soothing vapor bath to gently ease their congestion. It isn't overpowering, and the wash gently cleans the skin.

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  • DandVsFamily By  DandVsFamily    

    Great products for colds

    Such a great item to use when your children are sick. I love using this when my kids have colds the vapors in it helped open them up with the steam from the bath!

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  • kaydohxo By  kaydohxo    

    Unnatural and irritating for baby's skin. I wish that Johnson and Johnson would work to minimalize the toxic ingredients in their products.

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  • Jelina808 By  Jelina808    

    J&J Vapor bath is #1

    This Vapor bath is one of my "feeling under the weather carr package products that I always have on hand! This really help my 4 year old when he is sick! I fill up the tub with this and I can smell the vapors and it truly works!! I believe in natural and homeopathic remedies and this is one to help decongest my sons stuffy nose and mucus!

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  • JDMom16 By  JDMom16    

    This product is great when my daughter has a cold I use two cap size full and I can hear a different in her breathing

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  • sh3llyb By  sh3llyb    

    Great for a sick baby ď

    This stuff works wonders for a sick baby! Any time my daughter is congested I just add some of this to her bath and it clears her right up!

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  • graysongirl By  graysongirl    

    I love this stuff, I've use for myself and my son. It definitely helps me breathe better. The smell doesn't bother me, I just like products to get the job done. I use this product for my child every night, because he's always congested. This product helps him breathe better, and he's able to get a good night's rest.

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  • Marave1278 By  Marave1278    

    baby sleeps very well after a bath with this vapor rub bath time soap...LOVE IT

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  • chrysten2004 By  chrysten2004    

    I swear by this stuff during the cold season months. When my children start developing colds I put some of this in the bathtub. I also at times rub some across their chests while they are in the tub and wash it off before they get out

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  • brittaskd By  brittaskd    

    This is a staple for us when we are feeling stuffy and under the weather. Not only does it clear my daughters nose right up but mine too when I am washing her. Big fans.

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  • nynj98 By  nynj98    

    I like how it clears up my kids congestion and it's by a brand I trust, however I don't really like the smell.

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  • Kunis20 By  Kunis20    

    It's a cold season must have. I have used it for my kids and even myself. It's amazing .

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  • TracyR By  TracyR    

    Every winter when everyone is stuffy or sick we soak in the tub with this stuff. Loosens all the yuckies up love it!

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  • TheRunningTeacher By  TheRunningTeacher    

    I ALWAYS keep a bottle of Johnson's Vapor Bath in our house. It's perfect to little noses and clearing the sinus, whether it's due to a cold or an allergy. Quick relief!

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  • tgoins By  tgoins    

    We love this stuff! My daughter gets a runny nose with every tooth she cuts. It seemed like for awhile this was the only soap we were using! *confession: I even use it myself when I'm feeling stuffed up!*

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