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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    The Best Wash Period

    The best baby wash and face wash on the market. We love J&J original wash. It removes poop, stickiness, and dirt without being abrasive or painful to the baby eyes! I love it for my face because it is the only thing that keeps me from breaking out during PMS. It's incredible. I love it.

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  • jlwittich By  jlwittich    

    Johnson and Johnson Head to Toe Body Wash

    I love this body wash. It is gentle on the little ones, and you can even use it on yourself. The smell is pleasant too!

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  • Ilovemycats2 By  Ilovemycats2    

    Great shampoo for gentle hair

    Love Johnsons baby shampoo! Very gentle and i use it for my sensitive scalp. It makes my hair soo soft and smooth!

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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Classic clean

    There is absolutely nothing like the classic, clean scent of Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash - no more tears!

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  • kymom13 By  kymom13    

    good but

    Smells good and has been around for ages. However, this product contains formaldehyde which created issues for my baby's skin.

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  • Quiet2468 By  Quiet2468    

    Great product

    Great scent, smooth doesn?t dry. Great product think everyone growing up had or used these products. Even as an adult I use the lotions.

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  • Nikkiluvv97 By  Nikkiluvv97    

    Snuggles forever!!!!

    My babies always smell so good and have unbelievably snuggly soft skin after bath time with johnson&Johnson baby wash.

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  • Manilovessamples By  Manilovessamples    


    This is a classic. I love the smell. Reminds me of newborn babies

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  • policewife206 By  policewife206    

    Many different uses than just baby wash

    This is great to use when you have dry lashes or a slight eye infection, you just gently cleanse with J&J baby shampoo using a new cloth each time or even a q-tip and warm water, you will be amazed at how quickly the infection will be gone and it also helps for irritated eyes and dry lashes that may itch.

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  • mprimo1 By  mprimo1    

    She smells so good

    Nothing smells better than a baby who is bathed in Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash.

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  • aritayes By  aritayes    

    Gentle Cleansing

    Smells amazing. Lathers really well. Gentle on the skin and eyes.

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  • ziaBaxter By  ziaBaxter    


    I love this product I personally use it for myself I just love the scent and the way it makes my body feel.

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  • nmsn268 By  nmsn268    

    Baby Approved!

    Amazing product for the little ones. I would highly recommend! Very soft on skin and smells amazing.

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  • Ericabrooke94 By  Ericabrooke94    

    Awesome baby shampoo

    Amazing product for babies. The scent is a very fresh and clean smell. My son seems to feel amazing and refreshed using this.

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  • Browneyedgirl90 By  Browneyedgirl90    

    Awesome for babies!

    I loved this soap for all three of my babies. It is a gentle soap for babies. The smell is great. It never irritated any of my babies skin. Johnson's head to toe baby wash is always my first pick.

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