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  • sandysandmeyer By  sandysandmeyer    

    I had the opportunity to try 5 flavors of the FAGEUSA (pronounced ?fa-yeh?) Split Cup for free through BzzAgent and I got my husband to sample them with me. We got cherry, cherry pomegranate, blueberry acai, raspberry, and honey. Some were 2% and some were 0% fat. At Publix, they were $1.39 a piece. The first thing that I noticed after taking the top off of all of the flavors was the shape of the cup holding the flavor. It's spoon-shaped! Which means that you can get most of the flavor into your yogurt. Scott's first comment was that that yogurt was gritty and it felt like it was sticking to his teeth. The yogurt was rather bland and even with the fruit mixed into it. The blueberry acai and raspberry flavors weren't appreciably different-tasting with the fruit mixed in. The cherry pomegranate was more cherry tasting than the cherry alone. Both of us were not a fan of the honey. The calorie counts I saw ranged from 120 calories to 180 calories. We both decided that this wasn't a product that we would buy. We didn't care for the taste at all. We've tried other Greek yogurts that we prefer. My husband said that he prefers the fruit at the bottom. I prefer my fruit already pre-mixed into the yogurt.


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