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  • Author image By fudgepie
    01.14.19   Edit

    I have the recipe printed out now the fun begins.............thanks!!

  • Author image By Mswrll23
    02.05.17   Edit

    So good, it can feed my whole family

  • Author image By Justmissash
    02.26.15   Edit

    Yummy im going to have to make this. I usually use another recipe that calls for monterey jack cheese, coriander, sour cream and chicken broth for sauce. But this looks delish

  • Author image By Justmissash
    12.17.14   Edit

    You make it sound so easy to make. And it totally is. Love this. Thanks for sharing such an easy and delicious recipe

  • Author image By tracyslovebugs
    08.08.13   Edit

    Looks delicious!! I might have to try this type of enchilada

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