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  • Casey5585 By  Casey5585    

    Prefer this one - no rash on underarms!

    this works great! My underarms are sensitive and if I use a deodorant too much (certain brands) I will get a rash - not with this one!

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  • Connie1963 By  Connie1963    


    Love the different scents they goes on smooth and keeps me dry pretty much all day

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  • jeabrown By  jeabrown    

    This is one of 2 deodorants that I will use - Degree and Secret. It works very well in keeping me dry and making sure there is no BO.

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  • LeanettaScott By  LeanettaScott    

    Dry and Fresh

    After my go to deodorant quit on me (not sure how that happened) I switched to this. I had been using this when I was younger and it did its job and kept me fresh. Then I switched to Secret and Dove the latter I've been using since it came on the market. At any rate I like this antiperspirant it has been keeping me fresh and dry one of the things the others did not not do. Fresh yes, Dry no. I have been working out lately and doing a lot of spring cleaning both outside and in and this deodorant does its job and I couldn't be happier with it. I think I will stick with it or some variation of it until it no longer works for me. I would also like to try the motion control to see if it works as well.

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  • Sousafam12 By  Sousafam12    

    Really like this deodorant glides on and stays pretty much all day long. But will need to reapply after gym visits

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  • Allie40 By  Allie40    

    Great Product

    This product is great. Even after a workout, I feel it gives better sweat protection than most other deoderants

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  • Geminidrea77 By  Geminidrea77    

    Works great

    I live in Florida where we sweat and you need your dormant to keep working and not quit on you degree does just that keeping me dry and odor free.

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  • brittanydejardo By  brittanydejardo    

    pretty good if ya ask me

    It's a good deodorant for everyday use if you're not physically active or live in a very hot state. It contains smells until you really get sweating and then it quits... But for everyday use its a go to.

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  • anw2207 By  anw2207    

    I love this the deodorant. I use the powder scent

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  • twinlesstwin By  twinlesstwin    

    I love this deoderant, it smells great it works well, and it sells at a great price.

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  • kirstenac By  kirstenac    

    Great Product!

    This is one of the deodorants that really work for me. It lasts all day long. Love the smell. Affordable.

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  • Kristi5858 By  Kristi5858    

    Degree in Sweat

    Hands Down, this is one of my all time favorite Deodorants! I love the Shower Clean scent. It smells wonderful.

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  • Babyface10 By  Babyface10    


    This is my favorite deodorant. It keeps me smelling fresh and dry all day long.

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  • LiddieV By  LiddieV    

    I love this, I work in a hospital and it keeps me dry in intense situations.

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  • 15renfrotm By  15renfrotm    

    Love this product. Keeps me smelling fresh. This product changed my life, I no longer smell like a giant walking turd.

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