Brookside Chocolates

Brookside Chocolates

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Absolutely Delicious! I absolutely love these! This is both good and bad, because I can eat the whole bag! LOL The combination of fruit and dark chocolate is a hit in my house. I'll pour them into a bowl and set them on the coffee table for all to share during a movie or ballgame. (I purchase them at my local CVS).

Yum! I love these and actually hide them from my family so I can enjoy while I read a book! Sweet and tart and perfect!

Sweet Superfood These chocolates have a health halo, due to the inclusion of superfoods like açaí, but I do appreciate the extra antioxidants, and I think they're delicious.

me and my husband love these blueberry acia nuts. covered in chocolate. they are quite healthy and a mix of both enjoyment of your nuts and your dark chocolate.

Delicious I basically like dark chocolate with anything but dark chocolate with blueberries are above and beyond. They are so delicious. Great snack for something sweet and rich

A Better for You, Sweet Treat I love these little treats! Dark chocolate and Acai...what more do you need for a healthy snack option?! I thought they had a good ratio of chocolate, fruit and sweetness.

i LOVE these!! i am a chocolate lover and these are the best way to have fruit and chocolate in my opinion.

Good for you These are good for you, chocolate and all, it's because it's dark chocolate. The berries inside are sweet. Could use a bit more inside.

Healthy treat that tastes great Not my favorite from this company but it is really good when added to my homemade trail mix for the sweet and savory trail mix addition. Healthy and good for you to take to work for a snack. This is a perfect snack to give to women to have at work since everyone wants a good tasting snack with some healthy aspects. It is good quality chocolate and the berry combination is so good.

dark chocolate! These are so good. I love dark chocolate and these small bites let me have several at a time without the guilt.

Delicious! I've only had the Brookside Chocolates once. Dark chocolate is not my to go chocolate but these size and with the fruit (blueberry) it was a really good combination. The chocolate wasn't bitter but it wasn't sweet. The blueberry to me was a little tangy which brought both flavors together nicely. A few make a good snack. I even eat some when drinking coffee. Don't need to eat a lot to feel satisfied.

Absolutely love these! They have the perfect amount of sugar-chocolate-fruit ratio.

Healthy Sweet Chocolately Snack When looking at this package, you would think it is a luxury chocolate. Brookside Farms makes some good chocolate covered fruit. I tried this for the first time back in 2015 while I was at work. I was hungry and needed a snack to get me by as my shift was almost over. These are delicious and sweet but not too sweet like regular candy. I've only tried the pomegranate ones. I didn't think they would taste as good as it did!

Nice chocolate snack with fruit I love these snacks, very tasty. however, i wish they were lower in calories and did not have as much sugar. I would like to see more fruit and less chocolate.

These little treats are delicious! Don't get fooled into thinking they are good for you, but they are a tasty alternative to the other chocolates out there!