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  • fifi_castillo By  fifi_castillo    

    I?m charmed!

    I?ve been a charmer since the beginning. I love all the great brands they work with and how I can get a box full of great makeup and skin care for 25-35$ a month! I am currently subscribed to their base and premium boxes

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  • Insaneme By  Insaneme    

    I love this!!!

    I love it!!! I love everything about it. I love the variety that I get. It is definitely worth the money. I will recommend this to everyone.

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  • gooberfine33914 By  gooberfine33914    

    Love It!!

    I love this subscription. It runs about $10 per month. There are other subscriptions on the market that give you only sample products. Boxy Charm gives you full size products that cost me an average minimum of $25 for 1 item. They have lots of prestige brand items that you can buy at Ulta, Sephora, etc..

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  • TattooedDoll By  TattooedDoll    

    Customer Service is a Joke

    Customer service is AWFUL. When you receive a box containing damaged items, they keep you in a never-ending loop of submitting photos and information without ever correcting their mistakes.

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  • nooneyouknow By  nooneyouknow    

    Sometimes great, but not often enough.

    When Boxycharm gets it right, they're great, but when they don't... This is a wildly uneven box and their customer service leaves a great deal to be desired. Influencers get the red carpet treatment but those of us who actually pay...? Yeah, not quite the same. I'd save myself aggravation and useless products and just take a pass on this one.

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  • Mommylife95 By  Mommylife95    

    Boxy charm

    I love boxy charm it?s so great getting little surprises in the mail and I love everything I get!!

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  • chajo55 By  chajo55    


    I Love this Subscription box its very good and it is worth more than what you pay. Favorite!

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  • 41rdaly By  41rdaly    

    Great beauty box subscription!

    I love this subscription box! It has been a favorite for the last few years. Not every month is going to be the perfect box for you, but the products are always great. The value you get for the money spent is incredible! I will continue getting this for as along as i can!

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  • Littleladymakeup By  Littleladymakeup    

    My absolutely favorite beauty subscription box.

    boxycharm is my absolutely favorite box. I've been a boxycharm subscriber for more then 3 years and you can see the evolution of the products. This is by far the best subscription box out there. Just the fact that I take the time giving a boxycharm review means it's worth the $21 a month. I recommend anyone who is into makeup to checkout their IG and the IG hashtags #boxycharm and look for what's on the current box to make sure you are interested in what they have. It's very easy to subscribe or un subscribe, their c. service is very helpful and professional as well.

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  • jjevans By  jjevans    

    First Month May 2017

    I have several monthly Beauty box subscriptions that I love & through one of them came across a ad for BoxyCharm. After a little research I decided to give it a go. I was put in a waitlist to join that lasted approximately three days. I received a photo in my email that stated " Your of the waitlist!". I was so excited. After that email I didn't here anything from the company so I did some more research and what a bad idea that was. I love being surprised and these boxes are great for that. I never read the emails that say here's a preview, early look, spoiler alert etc because part of the joy from these boxes is the thrill. So by searching around I was shown what would be in my first box. When my box arrived I noticed I was not as excited like I always with my other boxes. The products were all great and I'm very happy just wish I did not loose the element of surprise on this box. So next box I definitely know how the process works and will make sure I get my surprise!

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  • Junipere By  Junipere    

    Save your money!

    From a Boxycharm subscriber from Aug. 2014 until May 2016 I will say this: no, in all honesty it is not a better deal than any other beauty box. They like to talk about how they are sending subscribers FULL SIZE products vs. the sample/deluxe size samples other beauty boxes send, but truth of the matter is that after reviewing your first box you will quickly find yourself just getting different products from the exact same brands. Maybe I'm weird, but the reason I subscribe to beauty boxes is because I look forward to trying out not only new products but new brands. Beyond various logistical nightmares, (regularly receiving broken/damaged products, customer service being nearly impossible to reach, a box never shipped yet paid for, etc. etc.), I think the thing that really turned me off came after seeing some Instagram posts from girls receiving their first box but it was full of recycled products from past boxes from the prior year.

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  • Thebarbiebelt By  Thebarbiebelt    

    I love boxycharm, as I have MANY beauty box Monty subscriptions, but this is my second favorite, great products with good sizes, even full size. This is well worth you cost of the sub month;y. Highly recommended!

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  • OneNoGirl By  OneNoGirl    

    Out of all of the beauty product subscriptions, I chose Boxy Charm due to its generally well-rated status. I'm glad to go month-to-month which offers flexibility; products are mid to high range (prestige) brands in deluxe, but mostly full sized products. Just one of the products alone exceeded the price of the monthly cost! It's also a great way to try brands that I wouldn't know to pick from the shelf, conveniently delivered every month. For more details, see:

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