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  • aeisenberg13 By  aeisenberg13    

    Great Product!

    This product is really good! I find that it removes blackheads more on the bridge of your nose. Definitely need to use the max time for this to work properly

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  • Cassie85 By  Cassie85    

    Bye bye blackheads!

    My son loves these! When used correctly (warm steam cloth prior) they work great!!

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  • elsamar By  elsamar    


    This product is really good, but you have to keep it in your nose for 5 min later than the box say

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  • MandyKaye By  MandyKaye    

    Love these!

    These are so cool! They will pull out little black heads or the little filaments in your nose pores. Then you can inspect them and see what all was in your skin.

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  • KriSmo6 By  KriSmo6    

    Bye bye blackheads

    I only recently tried blackhead removing strips again. I tried years ago and didn't see much difference. These strips worked unlike any I used before. I could literally see the blackheads on the strip. Definitely recommend

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    


    I don't know why, but nose strips never work for me. I thought these charcoal ones would be different, but no.

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  • Beckalynnxx By  Beckalynnxx    

    Clean face

    I love these strips. Gets all the blackheads out and leaves nose feeling good. I have to stop my boyfriend from stealing them on me. Could be a little expensive sometimes.

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  • Mdblasioli By  Mdblasioli    


    I find these work really well and if used correctly, get everything out of your nose

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  • Melody_2020 By  Melody_2020    

    I have very sensitive skin, but this product does not make me have any skin reactions. My pores are mostly cleaned bc of it and the only downside about this product is that it makes your nose a bit black. But you can wipe the black glue off with some water, so no big deal.

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  • Gina679 By  Gina679    

    Great Skin Product

    This works really great at getting rid of blackheads. Make sure you take it off before it totally dries out or it makes your skin sore,

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  • thepittsmn By  thepittsmn    

    Great idea

    Great idea, but doesn't work exactly like the show.

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  • MonaLizaLovlyhun12 By  MonaLizaLovlyhun12    

    WOW the results were amazing

    This stuff worked wonders. Left it to dry for 12 minutes. It left some black residue, but like the package explains, it rinsed away easily. I cleansed, did a mask and scrub prior to use and WOW the results were amazing. I?ve had blackheads for 15 years and maybe these will actually help me get rid of them!!

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  • gunsNglitter69 By  gunsNglitter69    

    Unclog those pores

    In just 10 minutes the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips clean and unclog pores, to purify your skin.. You do have to find a delicate balance between having too much water on your nose or not enough in order to get the strips to adhere properly to the skin

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  • sandramburns1959 By  sandramburns1959    

    Works really, really good.

    I love these, they do a much better job, than the other Biore products. This really removes the gunk from your pores. I have large pores, and it worked wonderfully. Warning, make sure your hands are dry, before applying. Otherwise, you will get charcoal on your hands.

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