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  • Bibischli By  Bibischli    

    No pesticides

    Love me some organic and pesticide free tampons. Such a delicate area that absorbs toxins so easy. Great quality as well.

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  • Tannerbabes19 By  Tannerbabes19    


    Thesevwere great quality & absorbed really well! Great knowing i was using a feminine product that has no chlorine, fragrance free, & has no harmful dyes! Their performance was a lot better then other products i have tried & highly recommend

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  • Carmencita1980 By  Carmencita1980    

    Is organic is good!

    Wow, I learned that the average woman uses 16,000 tampons over time, and that no federal law requires makers to disclose the ingredients in them. Protecting the right to know is important for all women in our lives. Learn more about this! #comeclean #generationgood http://h3.sml360.com/-/1wibs

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  • angelmk By  angelmk    

    These are more expensive than most brands but I like that they are organic and are not irritating at all. I am unable to use anything scented and I do not like to use plastic applicators so overall these work well for me. Like any cardboard applicator,they have to be kind of pushed out a bit first to make them come out easier but I am used to it now and I feel better using these for the organic cotton and less impact to the environment,they are absorbent and compare to more popular brands in my experience.

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  • keanotkeawanna By  keanotkeawanna    

    I got these tampons in a sample pack. I am usually very weary of the cardboard applicator tampons but was drawn to these becasue they are closed tip ( the tampon is not sticking out of the tampon) my first attempt at inserting this tampon failed. The plunger would not go in to push the the tampon out. This pissed me off and I used one of my usual tampons instead. When I tried again I had no problems at all. I realized that your hands has to be very dry before you use these tampons. They absorb really well and came out easily when i was ready to change. The day I used these my flow was pretty heavy so it only lasted about 2 hours tops. I realize now that this was not the tampon's fault because I should have been using a super or even a super+ tampon. All in all I like this brand. They are on the pricier side being about $5-$6 for only 16. That being said should I ever want to use a cardboard tampon again I would choose these.

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