Would a woman make a good US President?

We had to ask! With the campaign for the 44th US President in full swing, we are in the midst of a historic election. Senator Clinton could very well be the Democratic nominee for President in the 2008 elections.

As a woman, do you think that a woman could be a good US President? Better than a man? What do you think that a woman might bring to the table that a man could not? Please share your thoughts.

Yes (54.7%)

No (12.4%)

Maybe (32.9%)

Would a woman make a good US President?
  • delissablair By delissablair
    on Mar 03, 2008  

    A woman would make a great president, just not the one that is running this year.

  • leanneelise By leanneelise
    on Mar 03, 2008  

    A women can be a good president, long as she is qualified and ready to take on the task. Women hold many jobs that were for men, why not this one. I personally feel that the right woman is not up for the job this time.

  • ForTheLove By ForTheLove
    on Mar 04, 2008  

    Ability not gender.

  • frogqueen75 By frogqueen75
    on Mar 04, 2008  

    I agree that this is actually a pretty silly question. It's basically like asking "Do you think a man would make a good stay-home Dad?" It's designed to get a big response, because there are going to be people who feel so passionately about the issue. Plain & simple in either situation: some will be able handle it, and some won't...like ForTheLove said "ability, not gender."

  • Mema By Mema
    on Jul 21, 2008  

    Why do we even ask this question? Would a woman or man make a better doctor? Lawyer? Accountant? Teacher? Plumber? This question should be about the person and is she believable. Unfortunately she will have to work with congress and their opinions and biases may make a difference.