Would a woman make a good US President?

We had to ask! With the campaign for the 44th US President in full swing, we are in the midst of a historic election. Senator Clinton could very well be the Democratic nominee for President in the 2008 elections.

As a woman, do you think that a woman could be a good US President? Better than a man? What do you think that a woman might bring to the table that a man could not? Please share your thoughts.

Yes (54.7%)

No (12.4%)

Maybe (32.9%)

Would a woman make a good US President?
  • smiddlemore By smiddlemore
    on Feb 29, 2008  

    I have so enjoyed reading all the comments posted. What a wide spectrum of concerns and viewpoints. What an exciting time to be alive and witnessing the political evolution of America. I have decided to vote not based on gender or race or political affiliation. I will choose the person who will protect and serve America the best he/she can. I'm on pins and needles waiting to see who will be the next President of the United States of America!

  • Sarandeep By Sarandeep
    on Feb 29, 2008  

    We should never consider a person for an important office solely based on gender.One should consider the policies brought forward by this person and the impact his/her leadership style can have on the country's welfare.America is at a crucial revolutionary stage and I hope Americans will pay close attention to policies that are of importance to each representative and may the one with the most sound arguments and intentions win!

  • thailure By thailure
    on Feb 29, 2008  

    A Woman's Place is in the HOUSE, Senate, and Oval Office!

  • omasten By omasten
    on Feb 29, 2008  

    Gender should not matter. But I would hope that the woman not be a professional politician.

  • sweets By sweets
    on Feb 29, 2008  

    A woman can be president just as well as a man we need the right man or woman that will hold the people and their laws in the United States as top priority in the White House.

  • Dewymooneve By Dewymooneve
    on Mar 01, 2008  

    It depends on the woman that is running. Gender should not be a issue at all. I believe that it should be based on integrity, patriotsim, and morals. The plans they have to do the jobs that are needed to be handled while in office. Gender or race doesnt matter. The problem we are having in the Presidental race is that the media has made such a big deal of both, that the real core issues of our country has been lost in the background. I hope that this race will benchmark future races so we will not have all the media junk to weed though to get WHAT the candidate stands for

  • Littlemac By Littlemac
    on Mar 02, 2008  

    It depends on the woman...Gender should not be an issue. I think woman by nature is more compassionate and usually a better listener, definiely a better money manager. Hillary is not the right woman. Any woman who can't control her own husband certainly can't control a whole country. I vote for the person who I feel is most qualified, no matter what their sex, or their religion.

  • berned_you By berned_you
    on Mar 02, 2008  

    This is a pretty silly survey. Trying to generalize women in such a way that it's all or nothing seems somewhat pointless. One women could certainly be a great president but i'm sure another woman would be terrible. It's really no different than asking if a man could be a great president.

  • Bittles79 By Bittles79
    on Mar 02, 2008  

    what happens in a woman's personal life has no bearing on her professional life. Anyone that thinks so, is ignorant. This question is not just about Hillary, but about all women in general. Yes I think a woman could be good president if she doesn't let the petty nonsense get in her way. Women act viscous and catty towards one another, and if any woman thinks she can behave that way in the oval office, she will have a lot of trouble.

  • Angel205 By Angel205
    on Mar 02, 2008  

    I feel that a woman could do a much better job than a man for a president. After all, women have been running households and rearing children forever without the help of man, I might add. We know how to get it all done by the end of the day and keep our loved ones safe too.