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Vacation with friends... thumbs up or thumbs down?

Have you ever vacationed with friends? Tell us about it!

Thumbs up: it could be a blast! (50.7%)

Thumbs down: it could get too awkward (8.7%)

Depends on the vacation. And the friends. (40.5%)

Vacation with friends... thumbs up or thumbs down?
  • KDaniel3909 By KDaniel3909
    on Jun 05, 2019  

    We do it almost every year

  • gmoney1951 By gmoney1951
    on Jun 05, 2019  

    Vacation with friends or family members can get interesting. If every body pays their share it might work but there is always somebody that does not. My sister and I travel together a lot and we always make sure we are sharing the cost.

  • vegasgirl By vegasgirl
    on Jun 05, 2019  

    it is easier to travel with my husband or solo. I have tried to travel with family and friends but it never works out. Everyone has different ideas of whats fun

  • Specialk1960 By Specialk1960
    on Jun 05, 2019  

    We've taken several vacations with friends and it has been a blast. Haven't done it in a few years but if we had the money we would certainly enjoy another one. We have lots of great memories and still laugh about things that have happened during several of our vacations.

  • JanuaryGrayz By JanuaryGrayz
    on Jun 05, 2019  

    I prefer traveling solo, with my husband or my husband and I with our kids. I do travel a lot with my Mom. I also don't mind when we have mine and my husbands parents join us as we do get along very well. Before I was married I traveled with friends, but stopped because there was always one girl who never had enough money and wouldn't say anything about it until we were already seated at a restaurant for example. She would pay her travel for the destination, but nothing else. And getting everyone together was really a hassle.

  • Jenny391 By Jenny391
    on Jun 05, 2019  

    I would never take a vacation with family or friends. I cannot image how stressful that would be for me! I will only travel with my husband.

  • clswain By clswain
    on Jun 06, 2019  

    It's been a while since I went on a Friend Vacation but the last time was GREAT. IN 2017, family and friends went to Atlanta, we really enjoyed each other.

  • BellaMadison By BellaMadison
    on Jun 07, 2019  

    Traveling with friends is always great! So is traveling with family. I like traveling with my husband and our friends that are couples. Always good times!