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Which one of these Mother's Day gifts would make you happiest this year?

Mother's Day is almost here.   Did you know that Mother's Day was conceived after the Civil War and initially intended as a call to unite women against war?   Mother's Day in the US has transformed into a day to give thanks to our mothers.  

Which of the following gifts would you want to receive most this Mother's Day and why?  We want to know!

A day spent with your family/children (45.1%)

A day at the spa (41.1%)

Flowers (3.1%)

Chocolate (3.3%)

Jewelry (7.6%)

Which one of these Mother's Day gifts would make you happiest this year?
  • nubbin66 By nubbin66
    on Apr 04, 2009  

    i would love to have all of my kids home for Mothers Day. I not sure it will happen, maybe for Memorial Day :)

  • luvaluvayou2 By luvaluvayou2
    on Apr 04, 2009  

    My family means more to me then all the riches in the world :)..................

  • charea20 By charea20
    on Apr 04, 2009  

    I have 3 small children and would love to just spend the day at the park and see them have fun and smile that is what mothers day is to me seeing your babies smile! there is nothing like it....

  • JessicaTKC By JessicaTKC
    on Apr 04, 2009  

    Family time is the best gift I could receive!

  • coker91 By coker91
    on Apr 04, 2009  

    A day of relaxation and family time would mean more than any gift could

  • stampss By stampss
    on Apr 04, 2009  

    I don't wait for a special day like Mothers day. I'm a Mother of 4 and have 4 Grandchildren. Everyday is my day. I am so lucky that is I feel like I am. They are the best. Times goes by REALLY fast so you moms out there ENJOY THEM NOW. Because they will be grown before you know it.

  • orchidsmtj By orchidsmtj
    on Apr 04, 2009  

    Mothers Day is simply another special day to enjoy with my family.

  • wonderland1865 By wonderland1865
    on Apr 04, 2009  

    I love the family more than anything but I have to say the spa is very tempting.

  • Dolly2 By Dolly2
    on Apr 04, 2009  

    dolly2: I enjoy my FAMILY and I always plan and welcome all the kids to come over and I COOK!! We also enjoy movie nites with pizza, popcorn, soda,candy just like at the movies:) The best time we had make your own sundae that was a HIT!! My grandson Trey LOVED that! Enjoy life and not just Mothers Day EVERYDAY! We try to show appreciation for FAMILY as much as possible.

  • lielamfuller By lielamfuller
    on Apr 04, 2009  

    This has definitely been a challenging year and I need some pampering and Mommy time so a Spa Day would be right up my alley. I would love to then come home and have dinner with my favorite guys.