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I like this carefree because it affordable and it gets the job done. I've been using them for 8 yrs now so I think it's safe to say I know what I'm talking about. You can find them at any store and I really like the size variations of the packaging. Good for young and old try.

I like these especially the long ones,way better than the smaller version.

I love this product! They actually stay in your panties unlike some other brands that don't stick. They are also super absorbant considering how thin they are.

There isn't a carefree product I have used and haven't been happy with and these are great,carefree just gets better and better they are not just pantyliners anymore

Love the shape. Cheaper than other brands.

Carefree is okay. The scented ones are a bit strong, but i recommend non scented when it comes to panty liners anyway. I used to use these all time and they do exactly what they should... ABSORB!!! Lol.

I love these.. They smell great and make you feel refreshed.. I buy them in bulk and I like the different varieties they have

Comfortable especially when you just need some light protection.

I love these, I use them in the bigining and maybe in the last day of my period. I like that they have two sizes and they are very comfortable.

I love these especialy for those uncomfortable times of the month when you just feel yucky. Always smells fresh and is very comfortable to wear

These have worked well when I am on a tight-budget and still need a light absorbancy on those last few days. They also work well when you are just wanting that extra protection.

I use this product myself and really like. It keeps me dry and comfortable. I would recommend this product to my friends and family


Love the shape of this. Always cheaper than other brands.

A real product name to trust for years and years.