Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail color

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail color

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I have a very girly 3 year old daughter that loves to have her nails polished but doesn't sit still long enough for regular polish to dry- so this is perfect for us. she loves the bright fun colors!

I don't care for the size of the brush. It is too big and can get messy.

the colors are great but the brush dries up to quikly and causes the polish to be clumpy

I love this polish! If you have small children like I do, you need something that you can put on quickly and that will be dry by the time someone needs to be picked up or changed. This is the stuff! Now, if you are comparing it to a "regular" brand, it is not going to perform as well. I have yet to see a quick drying formula that does, but if you add the topcoat, it will last a few days to a week(depending on how careful you are with it).

It does dry quickly, but too quickly to do a good job. Not worth the money except for the clear coat. It's the only one that looks good on.

I love nail polish but I like it better when it drys quickley

This was a quick fix for messy nails just before a last minute meeting. The dark shade I selected covered my exhisting polish and the wide brush took just a few strokes to complete the job. It dried instantly. The polish did chip the next day, but I did not put a top coat on. I keep it in the car for 911 nail emergencies.

it was ok.

I absolutely love the Insta Dri from Sally Hansen! I never have time to just sit and wait for my nail polish to dry, and most of the time I feel like my nail polish doesn't dry for hours. But this dries within 10 minutes for one coat. I normally wait for the first coat to dry and then put the second coat. I would recommend this! I have it in Sonic Bloom and love it!

I've been using this products since it came out.I love the color and how fast it dries.Yes,you do need to put a top on to keep it from flaking off.

i love the flat brush! so easy to use! and its great when your in a hurry!!

I agree with the other reviewers about the polish wearing off quick, but with the additional top coat (as a reviewer suggested) I haven't had the problem since. Love the fat brush. It does dry extremely fast!

I really was not happy with this nail polish. I have tried it a couple times and I just did not like the way it looks and feels. - It did dry really quickly.

I tried this polish, it's okay. It dries quicker than some others and doesn't chip as easily. I do clear coat, then 2 coats, then clear top coat. Actually hubby does my toes.

I have to say, this stuff pretty much lives up to its name. It does dry quicker than any other nail polish I have used. However, the consistency is....weird. It's thick, and the brush is wide and flat, which takes some getting used to. With some finesse you can get it to look somewhat normal, but it never really looks good. Therefore I don't like the colored polishes. However, I love using the clear topcoat! I think it makes whatever polish I use underneath dry quicker, and it leaves a wonderful shiny finish! Bottom line: skip the colors and head straight for the clear coat.