Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

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Live in Florida - so sunscreen is my best friend - and this one works really well - does not irritate my skin either!

I love this sun block. I use it almost everyday for work, I have very sensitive skin and i was surprise that this sun block didn't break me out or anything. So i highly recommend to people to use. Love it!

I love Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock 70 - my entire family uses it when we go to the keeps us very protected throughout the day. Neutrogena face block is the best! never runs into my eyes.

This works well to block out the sun. It does feel a little heavy on my skin. It stays put and doesn't run into your eyes even on a run. i have a more expensive brand I like better, but this is a great sunblock for the money.

I love all Neutrogena sun block products. I use this on my face. It dries quickly and does not sweat into my eyes. Can't stand sun block in my eyes...hurts. Have been using this sun block since my dermetologist recommended it about 15 years ago!

Other than the slightly heavier feel on my face, I love this product. I am fair and burn very easily. I trust Neutrogena and this product does the trick. I will be using this again.

I used this today for the first time. It has little scent, which I like, and hasn't bothered my skin (which is pretty sensitive). It still has a slight greasy feeling- basically it feel like I put something on my face (which I don't really like). I have extremely fair skin and burn so easily that I have a massive sunburn as I type and must wear sunscreen everyday. This would be a brand of sunscreen I would use in the future.

I love the feeling of this on my face. It does not have a greasy feel and soaks right into my skin. I do not wear makeup over sunscreen so this goes on well and does not leave my face with a greasy sheen to it. It works great to protect skin from UV rays.

I love the way it blocks the sun from my skin.

This sunscreen definitely kept me from getting burnt in St. Lucia, and it didn't feel greasy. However, I didn't feel it absorbed as well as I thought it did, b/c I ended up with white streaks on some of my clothing from in when putting my shirt on or taking it off at the beach. And I alsways wait at least five minutes after putting sunscreen on to out my shirt on over my bathing suit, just in case! It took a few washes and stain treatments to get it all out.

I love this b/c I have oily skin and once this lotion sets into skin it dosent look or feel greasy. It also dosent make me break out!

This sunscreen works really well, but it does make my dry skin a bit white and flaky, which is why it only gets 4 stars from me. It definitely keeps me from getting sunburnt, though, my ghostly white skin even stayed unburnt in Hawaii using this product! I'd recommend using it overtop a normal moisturizer if you have dry skin.

This worked great for me. Not a single bit of sun and did not dry my face out, but I have oily skin. It did, however, dry my husband's face out.

Great long lasting light weight sunblock! Even great for sens. skin!!

great product and does not make me break out.. Lasts a long time...