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  • harmontm By  harmontm    

    I love this book. It was a beautiful and imaginative story. Full of emotion and life. I have yet to see the movie, but the book was definitely magical.

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  • rebecca1437 By  rebecca1437    

    loved this book! Kept me interested every chapter that of course i had to finish the entire thing in 1 night! Loved it even more after seeing the awful movie remake. Also enjoyed the authentic photos throughout the book

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  • tay2517 By  tay2517    

    I was so into this book, I couldn't put it down! I'd definitely recommend this to friends!

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  • tammystwocents By  tammystwocents    

    I loved this book. I felt as if I was right there with the characters with all of my emotions. The author grabs you from the beginning and twists the story so many ways. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. (Adult dialogue)

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  • countrytomboy By  countrytomboy    

    An incredibly moving book... an absolute page-turner! I wish this author had written more because I can not get enough of her!

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  • misssmae By  misssmae    

    Read the book first.

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  • lilabski By  lilabski    

    Like other reviewers, I recommend this book before the movie. In fact, I read it before the rights were purchased and read it again after seeing the movie. So well written, its sad and happy and boy did I take my love for elephants to another level!

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  • Pistachio By  Pistachio    

    The movie (urgh, Robert Pattinson) kind of made me not want to read the book, to be honest with you. However, I picked the book up one day, after a couple of friends had recommended it to me. I decided that I was so bored that I thought, "Okay, you know what? Whatever. I've got time to kill anyway", so I started reading it. Water for Elephants is amazing. It's so beautiful and poignant and clever. There are several spots where I nearly cried. I had no idea the circus could be so..... ridiculous, and such an exciting life. The main character is a passionate voice, with a fully developed history, and his narration is so witty. I loved it. However, *warning there is a sex scene.* Just.... prepare yourselves. Although I'll bet this is nothing compared to 50 Shades of Grey. ;)

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  • happykayekaye By  happykayekaye    

    Such a sweet movie. Sad in several spots, but overall really great! If you love romances, this movie is defiantly for you!

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  • Lizzie15000 By  Lizzie15000    

    I was surprised when I started to read this book to find out how divisive the circus could be. I appreciate the research that went into this book. Fascinating behind the scenes look at a struggling circus and the dynamics of the support staff versus the performers. I would definitely recommend this book.

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  • latisha71 By  latisha71    

    This was a assignment for a college English class. I didn't think I was Gonna like the book at first but once I started reading it I couldn't put it down I was so thrilled a few yrs later I heard there was a movie being made. The book is way better than the movie.

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  • LaneTwo37 By  LaneTwo37    

    Water for Elephants is beauty and tragedy mixed in with the ever-mysterious circus crowd. I appreciated the ending of the book and did a mental hooray for the main characters. The present-day chapters of the book were necessary to the story but made me a little sad.

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  • victoria8310 By  victoria8310    

    Great Book. The book to me is better than the movie but I do like seeing it all play out. Great book to read.

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  • jlwagner By  jlwagner    

    A great book! I actually read it twice.

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  • casslm25 By  casslm25    

    I would consider this one of my favorite books by far. I wasn't as much a fan of the movie when I saw it, but I believe that is because like any movie adaptation, it is hard to show the characters internal thoughts. Regardless, this is a book I would read again and again. Love it!

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