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I wear these liners all the time. The only liners I wear. I have tried other brands but I keep coming back to these and another perk they always offer coupons.

Perfect little pads to use on light days, or just to carry in your pocket. They are light as a feather sometimes you forget you are wearing one.

Great for leakage when you're coming off of your period. Great price as well. Small and compact to fit in your gym bag or purse and great absorption.

So far I have not had a problem with any Carefree products. I know that this product is comfortable.

carefree is a really good product. This one is one of my favorites. very comfy.

I am normally excited when I am chosen to review products, but with this one, I wasn't. I don't wear liners at all, they do nothing for me.I've never had luck with them staying on my panties. They usually bunch up, twist, turn, its a mess and very annoying. So, needless to say I don't use liners or pads. I use tampons. Yes, I know the difference and the warnings, but liners and pads are two products that aren't for me. The size of these are small and I can just tell IF I were to use these they would bunch up and get annoying just like all the other liners. If its your style to use a liner then Im sure theyd work for you, but they aren't for me. Sorry for the meh review :-/

I used these for a while. They're really thin. So, now I prefer another brand.

I love how thin these are. I used them daily after all the heavy bleeding was over after giving birth to my son. Just needed a little protection from the slight leaking I was experiencing. Great product.

Love them for light days and tampon backup. Super thin and comfortable compared to most similar products. Has a really great stick to it never skips out of place. It's my goo to feminine product.

Not a big fan of these plus they are super thin!

Always a great brand no matter what the product type is. Been trusting them for years

Pretty absorbent for such a thin pad. Love these cause they are comfy yet Efficient. I like the long ones, so I know I have extra coverage. I often forget I have one on. Decently priced.

The scent is very nice and they are comfortable indeed.

This is a great product it really sticks to your undies and you don't even have any discomfort !

I love Carefree products. This one is great. It conforms to my body and I never leak. It sticks well and never bunches up.