Chobani Greek Yogurt

Chobani Greek Yogurt

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I love these yogurts. They are creamy, delicious, fruity and satisfying. They fill me up for a quick snack or for breakfast along with my cereal. I know now for sure I will never buy Dannon yogurts again. Chobani is a great company. They do their best to make sure their customers are happy with their products and if not they send you coupons! I love them and their yogurts. Yes they are a bit watery at top but just pour it out or mix it in and it's fine!

These are just WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I love Chobani!!!! Filled with protein too ;) I recommend these to everyone!!! My husband said it was okay, but I secretly think he loves it he jsut didn't want to admit it since I am so crazy about Chobani yogurt

This yogurt is really yummy. It is much thicker and creamier than regular yogurt. I enjoy the peach and blueberrymflavors. The taste can be slightly tart compared to regular yogurt. There is one other brand of Greek style yogurt I prefer more and that is Fage. I can't find it as often as Chobani though. There is less of a tartness to the Fage. Chobani is a good choice for people trying to lose weight and add more protein to their diet.

I love this yogurt because it's rich and creamy. The only draw back is the cost. I would stock my fridge with this stuff if I could afford it. I love the fruit combinations Chobani offers. They're sweet and refreshing, I also enjoy the fact that this yogurt is a guilt-free treat.

These have a nice thick texture and were not at all "snotty" like some of the cheaper varieties. I think there was just the right about of tartness and had no aversion to the plain kind at all. I personally cannot get used to the fruit on the bottom options so I stuck with plain, vanilla, and lemon. They were all quite good but more expensive than the other options.

I eat a lot of yogurt, and this is BY FAR the best I have ever had. I buy this yogurt and eat one for breakfast every single day. My favorites are the strawberry, strawberry-banana, and the peach. They have just the right amount of creaminess and thickness to make them pleasant on the palate and they are filling too :) Definitely the first brand of yogurt I reach for in any store, any where I am staying.

This is hands-down my favorite yogurt! I am constantly prowling for coupons because of the price, but even then I have a stash of "mommy only" cups in the back of the fridge. The creamy, thick consistency make this yogurt a decadent, desserty treat for any time of the day or night, with little backlash on my waistline. I've tried all flavors, and I have to say that the winner for me is Black Cherry. There are big, juicy chunks of cherries on the bottom that explode on your tongue when you chomp down...yummy! I've even gotten my mom hooked on this, because she can't tolerate "regular" yogurt.

Hooked on these! Thick and creamy with great flavors! By far the best tasing Greek yogurt on the market!

The thing that I like about this yogurt is the fact that I actually feel full after eating it. A lot of other yogurts just leave me wanting more. I feel like I'm doing something good for myself by eating it. It's has a good balance of flavor. Not overly sweet like others. I'd recommend it!

I find this yogurt totally disgusting. Overpriced because of the word Greek and it tastes horrible. The first time I tasted it my tastebuds were anxious for what was supposed to be a delicious flavor. But to their dissapointment it was the worst flavor to meet my tongue! I believe I spit it out and threw the rest of it away. A few weeks later I thought maybe it was just the flavor I purchased that I didn't like, but to my dissapointment the second flavor was just as bad and it went into the trash also. I'm sticking with Yoplait!

i thought that this was alright, its too "watery" for my liking, i rather stick with Fage yogurt. what i don't like about the packaging for this product is that they don't pack other flavors when you buy in bulk. they have the regular strawberry, blueberry, and peach. i want to try the honey so bad to compare agaisnt the Fage. oh well....I am currently still trying to finish the one i have....

I recently went to a gathering that served Chobani yogurt every morning, so I was able to try many different varieties. They are wonderful. The pomegranate and the raspberry are my personal favorites I have small children and they loved it as well. This is the only yogurt I will buy anymore. It's not disgustingly sweet and you can actually taste the yogurt and the fruit in it.

I stumbled onto this yogurt while staying with my parents, after my mom had had a health issue and needed some assistance. I love yogurt and fruit for breakfast and found this in the Safeway store in their town. I avoid corn syrup like the plague, and this had none and a reasonable amount of sugar. I tried a few flavors and vanilla and I love the vanilla best when mixed with fresh fruit. Absolutely delicious taste and the texture is so rich. Best added bonus?? At the end of the week I went to the store to make sure my folks had plenty of groceries to last for awhile and they had added Chobani yogurt to the list. They are in their 80's and now like yogurt!! I never nagged them at all, they just watched me eat it all week and were intrigued. Thanks Chobani for "healthing" up my folks!

If it wasn't for a budget limit, I'd eat these every single day for the rest of my life. Greek yogurt is healthy (Yes! None of that sugar-loaded Yoplait junk!) and boasts high protein content. It's also extremely filling, something that those aiming for weight-loss should give another glance at. A 130-140cal Chobani yogurt provides me the filling feeling equivalent to that from 2 similar-calorie-amounted Yoplait or Dannon yogurts. Greek yogurt's become something of a health fad now, but there is a great deal of truth behind the wonder-food claims. Read up some articles, and you'll be dying to try some too. Chobani and Fage are the two most popular ones in supermarkets. I personally love Chobani's texture and taste more. I love the Raspberry flavored one! The slightly-tart taste works very well with the originally-nasty taste of bland Greek yogurt. Even the vanilla's still a little plain and off for me. Unless you're extremely brave, don't try the plain Chobani. Remember that Greek yogurt doesn't contain all those fillers and substitutes that make normal yogurts taste so sweet and yummy. Be prepared! (Oh, and Greek yogurt's also thicker than normal yogurts...) Highly rec-ed!!