Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

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great product, was not at all greasy on my skin and did not leave any residue. It also worked very well on sensitive skin.

I carry this sun block with me in my purse ... Being a red he'd and fair completed I apply it everyday and it provides complete coverage without that greasy feeling I've learned to detest ... I use t on my kids all the time.

I love how it dries really quickly, only downside is that you have to be careful not to get it into your eyes as it makes mine water.

This is great, and is by far the best sunblock. It isn't a sunscreen that is oily and heavy, and comes right off. It works and it feels great. Love It.

it works great and makes your skin feel awesome.

It feels light on the skin and it keeps you protected from the sun all day

I used this all summer. It was great as long as I didn't get it too close to my eyes. If I got it near my eyes, it burned a little.

Love, Love, Love! Totally recommend to everyone. Comes in spf 100+, it doesn't get better than that! No greasy feeling, absorbs effortlessly. Can't even tell its on. Does not break out skin, can use on the face, which is nice.

Wonderful--protects your skin from harmful rays without feeling oily or messy!

I love Neatrogena sun block products. I used this on my kids face. It is not greasy and does not leave a white residue like some sunscreens do. It is very gentle on their sensitive skin as well. Highly recommend

This sunscreen works very well. Does not feel greasy and was not harsh on my sensitive skin.

I found this sunscreen to work pretty well. It isn't greasy, it does go on white and leave a bit of white face to the skin, but I apply it before my makeup, so that helps quite a bit. It isn't runny and doesn't have a bad smell to it. It definitely gets the job done.

This is a great product if you don't like those sunscreens that feel so heavy and oily and come off the instant you sweat. I tried this product out when I went to a church picnic with all my family and friends. The sunscreen didn't feel heavy on my skin and I have pores and it didn't clog! It was waterproof and sweatproof so I didn't have to worry about the waterballoon fight we were gonna have in the end or the sun! My face didn't look oily (which is a big plus!), and my face wasn't a big red tomato when I got home. The only thing is they are kind of expensive, about $10 or so, and it's a 3oz tube so... i'm not entirely sure if it's worth it.

This sunblock is the best! You can barely feel it on your face yet it keeps you protected for hours on top of hours! It is not greasy and rubs right in.

Love love love this sunblock! It is the only thing that I will use. I never get streaks, it feels light on the skin, and it doesn't smell gross like most other sunscreens. The California sun has no chance!