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  • caryn8 By  caryn8    

    Love this when we have a cold, me included. Very refreshing! However can not find it at enough stores. Last time I went to find it, target did not have it.

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  • imanangel202001 By  imanangel202001    

    love this for when my little ones are stuffy. Great product

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  • onlyme212529 By  onlyme212529    

    I live by this stuff! My girls tend to get sick a lot in cool/cold weather and this stuff is just fantastic to stick in a warm bath and let them soak in it and breathe it in. It doesn't agitate their skin or anything. They love the smell too because it loosens their congestion right up if they actually soak in it for about 10 minutes or so. I do think its a bit pricey and I try to use it sparingly since it costs more than any other Johnson bath product,but this is one baby bath that I will spend the extra money on because it works so well!

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  • lorimangnall1 By  lorimangnall1    

    I do like this product. Its actually soothing, unlike some of their other products where the fragrance I feel is slightly too strong to enjoy. If its too strong for my sinuses, whats it like for baby??? But this is a nice product that I will buy again.

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  • jyoti81 By  jyoti81    

    i trust johnson

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  • pcdouglas30 By  pcdouglas30    

    we use this anytime my son is having cold/allergy issues. it works pretty well, and isnt overpowering.

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  • NVChoctaw By  NVChoctaw    

    I use this on myself and my kids. The scent is just right. I can't handle overpowering smells and this vapor bath smells just right.

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    

    Disclaimer: I don't have kids... I use this product for myself, for when I get a cold, I take a hot shower at night with this and hop into bed or just relax and makes me feel a lot better. Anyway who said baby product can only be used by babies, right? ;)

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