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Carefree is a great product, with a low cost! I would definitely recommend trying this if you haven't already!

This is the perfect body fit. It is soft and comfortable and good quality

never fell like i was wearing a thing i love that in a pad

These are sooooo comfortable! When I wear them, I can hardly feel them at all! It's also nice that it has no scent. I hate feminine care products that do. I usually wear them when I exercise, and they stay put!

After having 4 kids, my bladder isn't what it used to be. I use these panty liners everyday during my workouts and I'm really happy with this product! Never a leak and they're so slim!

Honestly, I use any type of pads or tampons. They all do the same job. But I do personally like this product. I barley notice I'm wearing it, so I'm always comfortable.

I have already tried carefree panty liners , I believe its an ecxellent product in woman's health and tideness.

It is perfect to keep you fresh and safe all day. It is so comfortable that you won't ever feel it!!!

Carefree is my absolute favorite! Perfect for my lighter days, and is an excellent panty liner ! These are a much have for me! To the point that I can't go to the store without buying a pack of two ! And they have a scent ! :)

carefree is a good product i would definitely purchase again

very good product. high quality for a low price. i have tried other brands but this one is my favorite. would definately recommend.

I have used this pantiliners during light days and I always feel happy I have them. I used the unscented ones though. Sometimes, it does not stay on properly but it usually happen when I move a lot.

I'm a fan of these as a pantyliner for light days and for emergencies. I received them for free to sample and I was pleased with my experience with them. They are also light and discreet for travel and tucking in a pocket or bag

I've gotten carefree panty liners for free through another panel and it got me hooked on them! I've written good reviews on my blog and facebook and twitter and others raving about them. Great product and brand.

I don't use these pads anymore. They almost always leak. After I had a couple of embarrassing accidents I decided to switch to Always Ultra.