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  • trippingtiffies trippingtiffies

    I love my DS. I mainly play the Professor Layton games because they're challenging on the brain. The system has a long charge and the graphics are excellent!

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  • Sandyhere By  Sandyhere    

    Excellent game system. Compared to previous versions of Nintendo DS, this game system is better made and very appealing. I love that it is completely backward compatible so that my daughter can use all of her favorite games from her old DS system. The added 3D adjustable dimension has been very fun for my daughter and she constantly shares her images with me as she is playing. She was given this for her 11th birthday and this is the perfect toy for anyone, at any age, who is on the go and wants some compact relaxation or fun time. More than one player can play and it is WiFi capable, which makes it very popular with her and her friends. The added benefit of camera and limited video is also a plus and has allowed me to forgo purchasing a separate piece of electronics with this capability. I highly recommend this system.


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