Chobani Greek Yogurt

Chobani Greek Yogurt

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I love them!!! fave flavor is pineapple!!! :)

These are really good quality yogurts. I don't like them quite as much as Stonyfield Oikos yogurts, which are made with organic milk. But these are very good and come in a fair range of flavor varieties. One of my favorites in peach. I also like the larger-sized plain yogurts (16 oz) to use in tacos and other foods. The plain yogurt is also really great for making dressings and sauces.

I am probably in the minority, but I didn't care for this at all. It was way to thick and the texture was terrible. I could only handle half the container before I threw it away. Not for me.

I love these, they are great, but I do like Fage better.

Chobani Greek Yogurt has a great taste. One of my fav. yogurts.

I love all the flavors I've tried so far of Chabani greek yogurt. My favorite is the vanilla because I can put my own fruit in it and it's not as sugary. I also buy the plain nonfat it's a great substitiue for sour cream and for baking.

I really enjoy Chobani greek yogurt. It is so thick and rich that it is hard to believe it is fat free. It makes a great breakfast

I'm so glad I've discovered greek yogurt. I like the consistency of Chobani, it's nice and thick. I also like fruit at the bottom yogurts. When I want yogurt my two favorite brands are Chobani and Oikos.

This is my favorite of all the greek yogurt brands. I love the thicker creamy texture and the fruit mixed in is awesome. Good snack for the kids as well.

I did like the flavor of these very much, but wasnt the biggest fan of the texture. they were slightly too thick for my taste, but not by much. I loved the fruit on the bottom and usually i'm not a fan.

I think these are good, but I dont like the texture, and they spoil easily..

I love the taste of this yogurt and that it fills me up. My only problem is that it molds very quickly and often before the expiration date. I purchase the case at Sam's Club. I have called the company and has something to do with proper storage temperatures during shipping. I am very hesitant to purchase this product. I now purchase a large container of vanilla yogurt and put my own fruit in it.

The best Greek Yogurt I have found. I still prefer regular thoguh.

The apple cinnamon flavor is spectacular! I like that the fruit is on the bottom with Chobani. I don't like a large amount of fruit chunks in my yogurt so I enjoy the option of not stirring up my yogurt. Mmm!

Just ate my first one. What a treat! So much richer and creamer than any other yogurt I've had. And it was so very filling. I can't believe it's fat free! I loved the peach flavor. I'm really looking forward to trying the other flavors.