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  • slicona By  slicona    

    Flu and cold season are no match when I have soothing Vapor in my bathwater. When ever I start to notice signs that my son is coming down with something I give him a super long bath with 3 cap fulls of this and that's as far as the illness gets. Works for adults too:)

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  • bigdraws71 By  bigdraws71    

    love this not only for my granddaughter but for my bubble bathes i wish i could buy it in a super big bottle so i have allot of bottles in my hallway closet

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  • cristi_123 By  cristi_123    

    Great for when my little one has been sick! I've seen that it relaxes him when he is fussy due to the stuffy nose and fever. We give him a nice warm bath with this and his nose clears up a bit and he starts to relax. Usually, we follow up with baby rub on his chest and he will go out! I've tried it as well when i have had a stuffy nose or when i've been stressed all day and it worked wonders! Always have at least one bottle in the house at all times!

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  • stacib By  stacib    

    This product works well when the little ones are sick. They take a bath with this stuff and it well. put them to sleep and help with that little cold.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    Use this all the time when my little ones are stuffed up. The vapor amount is perfect in the tub and gives them the relief they need and the smell is wonderful.

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  • Randimichelle95 By  Randimichelle95    

    Can not wait to try this product I have heard such great feedback about it!

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  • snochik33 By  snochik33    

    Best bath time product when my little guy is sick! Ive even used it in the shower a few times when I have been sick! Works wonders but still not too overwhelming for little ones! Just right!

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  • mocha33 By  mocha33    

    I love the smell of it ,and its safe on their skin and make the feel better when the have a cold

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  • mkel23 By  mkel23    

    My little one would not sleep at all at night but now if we bathe him using this baby wash he sleeps very well, even through the night :)!

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  • volgirlforlife By  volgirlforlife    

    It great too use and when a child has a cold it really works

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  • HotPinkNChoc By  HotPinkNChoc    

    I'm so glad J&J makes this soap. I have used it with my girls whenever they were having a cold or stuffy nose and it really did help them open up.

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  • bethlucile By  bethlucile    

    another favorite of mine I prefer the lavender scent.

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  • lia7704 By  lia7704    

    When my son wasn't able to breathe due to a stuffy nose, this helped more than anything. He'd calm down and go to sleep after a bath in this.

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  • eai125 By  eai125    

    We love using this at my house! It's great to use on children before bed when they have a cold to help them sleep easier. It works so well I've used it for myself when I have had a cold.

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  • Kaylamandis By  Kaylamandis    

    I love this product for cold and flu season. It is great for the little one and even myself. It is not stocked at enough stores though! When I first started buying it, I could only find it at Kroger and Walgreens.

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