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I use these liners to keep me feeling fresh everyday, especially when working out at the gym.

This product is one staple that I keep in my personal hygiene drawer. It is great for compact storage and keeping several can help in emergencies.

Great panty liner and at an affordable price. Small, discreet, and comfortable. Perfect for anyone looking for light coverage.

A very inexpensive product that is an essential must have for all women. Carefree pantiliners are small enough to throw in your purse, pocket, phone case, or even hide in your sock. They are also great to throw in your stinky shoes or a quick fix for small spills.

This is a great item. I have never had a bad experience with them and would recommend to other people to try and use it as well. The body shape is my favorite.

I use these on a daily basis. They keep me feeling fresh and clean. You cant feel it when you're wearing it.

Carefree liners are perfect for the end of one's period as well as for just everyday use! I always use carefree pantyliners. They fit well and are super comfortable!

This is my go-to pantyliner. Its comfortable and absorbs really well.

I love carefree pantiliners! They are the perfect size for when I'm just spotting! And they stay in place forever!

This product is okay! It is not my favorite. I feel there are much better brands then this one.

CAREFREEŽ ACTI-FRESH liners has a great design for every woman and everyday protection. Easy to find and affordable these liners are part of my daily routine. I always travel with them too, it delivers odor protection on the go.

I've never been a fan of this product. It didn't often stay stuck to my underwear; it would move around. The absorbency isn't nearly as high as other brands out there.

This is a great product. They are comfortable enough for daily use.

I liked them, they were flexible and they were soft and gentle.

I love using these when i work out or dance. They are very comfortable and easily unnoticed while on.