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  • Neon02 By  Neon02    

    I love my Diva Cup. It might seem intimidating at first, but give it a try. You wont regret it.

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  • londju By  londju    

    love it!!!

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  • NaturalMama By  NaturalMama    

    Best product ever!!

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  • XjemmX By  XjemmX    

    I have been using my DivaCup since 2007. I was never a fan of tampons, and pads were just never comfortable or gave the right level of protection. When I was a teenager I remember seeing an ad in Seventeen or one of those magazines for the Keeper, and I knew eventually I would try something like it because I loved the idea of something reusable. Thanks to the Internet years later I was reintroduced to the idea, and found a great deal online. I have not looked back, and never will. It only took a few days to get the complete hang of, and I feel like I know myself and my cycle much better because of it. Granted, on some of my heaviest days I have to empty my cup every hour or so (even with size 2) but it is so much easier than leaking with a pad or tampon after just 30 minutes or less like I experienced before. Strangely enough I swear that when it gets full, the small air bubble from insertion moves just enough to clue me in to go check, right before any leaking occurs. This of course is a sensation I learned after a few months of use, and I'm a pro now after 5 years! On light days I can empty it and rinse it in the morning at home, then do the same before I go to bed, with absolutely no worries all day long. I LOVE it. I feel much cleaner, never dried out or irritated (aside from the few times I put it in slightly low and crooked and poked myself with the stem. Many women trim the stem for this reason.) Currently I am investigating other brands which are all over the world, because I am looking for something a little softer and without the same stem. I know many women from the menstrual cup group on LJ who became cup addicts once a variety of cups were available, especially with the brands that have different colors and styles. I have recommended this and other cups to many women, and they all fall in love with it also after years of hating their periods. Give it a shot!

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  • JennysNook By  JennysNook    

    I have 3 words for this product: LOW MAINTENANCE PERIODS!! I really enjoy this product because it saves me money every month that I would otherwise be spending on disposables, and it keeps me feeling clean every day during my period! It's so easy to use! It only needs to be emptied and cleaned twice a day, AND i can sleep and swim with it in! My life has been changed. Thank you, makers of the Diva Cup!

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  • njpledger By  njpledger    

    I LOVE my Diva cup!

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  • junieB By  junieB    

    OMG I will never go back to pads or tampons after using a cup. SOOO much cleaner-feeling, comfortable, no more dryness or irritation, no chemical plastics and bleaches near my most delicate parts, no more remembering to buy feminine products at the store, and the best part is I don't have to sleep in granny panties anymore! You might think it is "weird" or "gross" to use a cup but think about how gross those used pads and tampons are, sitting in a landfill. Eeew. Try it, trust me, there is nothing weird or gross about taking good care of yourself and the planet!!!

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  • atobols By  atobols    

    I read on a forum about the Diva menstrual cup and had to try it. I've had mine for a couple months now and I love it. It takes a little practice getting it in and positioned correctly, but it is so worth it. Most days my flow is light enough that I can go a full 12 hours without emptying it. The other two days I need to empty it every couple of hours because it's full (which is an hour longer than I could go with a super absorbency tampon and a pad as backup). I really love that I no longer have to use tampons and pads. It's comfortable and I really do forget it's even there. I would recommend this to every woman I know!

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