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  • Devgio By  Devgio    

    Went on smoothly

    This product worked very well, the liner went on smooth and without difficulty. Would purchase again.

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  • thelifeduo By  thelifeduo    

    Works well for the price

    I love liquid eye liner so when I saw that Elf had one out, I had to try it. This eyeliner gives you the look that you want for cheap, but don't expect it to give you the $$$ look the first time or when you're in a rush. If you rush through making your line, you won't get a line that is full. I love to use this product over a pencil for a darker and more dramatic effect.

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  • Breunnav By  Breunnav    

    This eyeliner is very cheaply made, it is a lot more watery than it is useful.

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  • CLWoodard97 By  CLWoodard97    


    Like this line of makeup not overly impressed with this one though

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  • KnotNerdy By  KnotNerdy    

    I personally didn't like this liner because it felt uncomfortable on my skin . perhaps I am allergic to one of the ingredients but i immediately felt burning sensation. The liner also didnt' have a great staying power even on top of eye primer i had panda eyes around noon. the design is good but if you have has issues with a burning feeling with some liners i would not recommend that you try this one.

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  • Jdubbz1113 By  Jdubbz1113    

    Good for the money

    Its very cheap in price. I had problems because it was runny and bleeding but its pigmented and once it dries it stays well. Has a nice fine tip for the application.

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  • DebbieMu By  DebbieMu    

    Elf Eyeliner

    I have used both the black and brown ELF liners and found them easy to control, excellent coverage, and liked the applicator brush in lieu of a felt tip. The only drawback is that the product tends to flake off of my eyes after extended wear. Other than that, it is easy to work with and looks great. It also blends well with shadows and pencils for a much softer look

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  • stylediarybyosy By  stylediarybyosy    

    Fast drying and affordable

    Super affordable, fast drying and easy to apply. I have tried a few other liquid liners that smudge easily mainly because they don't dry fast.

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  • Producttester By  Producttester    

    Great drugstore liner!

    This is the only liner I can get a decent wing with. The brush and the formula work so well together, it's my go to. Just make sure it's dry before you open your eyes all the way.

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  • InspireBeautyMakeup By  InspireBeautyMakeup    

    Its a little to thick

    It definatly gets the job done but it dries out very fast. I have 3 of the purple shade and I never even use them. The tip is also too thick to apply thin lines.

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  • Deniseee565 By  Deniseee565    

    I love this brand and I also love using liquid eyeliner to my eyes In order to make them pop.

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  • cjbay42 By  cjbay42    

    Good Eyeliner at a Good Price

    This Elf eyeliner is a great product and the price is right too. I have tried several elf makeup products and you get a good product, and it works with my budget.

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  • berryartsandphotography By  berryartsandphotography    

    Bold and Cheap

    This is one of my favorite eyeliners and you cannot beat the price! Excellent, dark, smooth application!

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  • Kaseyk123 By  Kaseyk123    

    This is a great "in between" liquid eyeliner when you run out of your usual or what you are looking for and come accross this item at a convenient store. It is cheap and affordable and good for a quick fix or use but it doesn't last long and is kinda flakey. Not very dark either.

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  • cshbbygirl2 By  cshbbygirl2    


    I've purchased this product after going through so many different types of eyeliners, liquid, gel, crayon... I picked this up at Target for only a dollar, which was a great deal. I had also figured that if it turned out to be terrible, then a dollar wouldn't have been a huge waste. The product was very runny, easily smudged since it took so long to try and hard to apply due to the very very thin brush. I ended up switching out the brush with an old bottle of liquid eyeliner and it did apply better. I would only recommend this item for someone who needed to practice putting on liquid eyeliner - which does take some practice.

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