Sony Playstation 3

Sony Playstation 3

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Love the ps3, there is so much you can do with it!

I love all PlayStation has ever made. Plus i can watch blue rays now!!! PlayStation is a must have!!

Great game station and plays your blu ray DVDs awesome

Great gaming system, with blueray ability, and netflix access.

We are a family that loves the PS3. We actually have two of them, one in the living room and one in the bedroom so we can play two different games at once. My hubby and I both enjoy playing games, and we have two kids, ages 13 and 9. I enjoy playing games on PS3 over the Xbox because of the gameplay and I like the smaller controller. For my little hands, the PS3 controller is so much easier for me to use. I'm big on role playing games, so spend a LOT of time playing on it.

My PS3 is on everyday for at least five hours or more. I'm normally watching Hulu or Netflix during the week and playing games or visiting Playstation Home on the weekends. This one device allows me to workout using Get Fit with Mel B, stream Youtube, watch movies online and with discs, practice my guitar using Rocksmith, watch tv shows, and listen to music. My favorite games to play are anything in the Assassin's Creed series, Tekken 6, and Dragon Age. I wish the internet browser was better and I did have to replace the official PS3 HDMI cable after a year but other than that I have not had any problems. The accessories I own for it are the Blu-Ray disc remote, PlayStation eye, and the PlayStation move controller. I don't use the move controller a lot because there aren't that many good games for it.

Playstation 3 doesn't have enough good games. I prefer Xbox 360s games. I've had my PS3 for a few years now (and paid a ton for it), and I've barely used it. We never play games on it anymore. Now we just use it as a Blu-Ray player. I don't think it was worth the $600 we spent, and I wish I'd never bought it.

Netflix, Internet, Blu-rays all in one..!! What more can this thing do. I love our PS3.. We use everyday. It streams Netflix just like a computer or like other dvd or blu-ray players you don't have to go on the computer first and put movies and shows in your instant que. My son likes to play Call of Duty on it because he can play online with his friends. I was surprised to know it uses bluetooth technology so you don't need an expensive headset to listen and talk to other gamers. ALSO, I love that the web access is FREE, unlike other popular consoles.. Great product SONY!!!!

My son loves his PS3. He gets he use out of it. My girls perfer the Wii.

My husband absolutely loves his PS3!! He uses it all the time to play games, both solitary and online, and watches Blu-Ray movies on it. I use it to play games too, like Little Big Planet and Lego Harry Potter!

We actually really love our Playstation 3. We love playing skill and strategy games as well as family games on this very versatile system. I love the ability to watch Netflix and Blu Ray to browse online and play music on pandora watch youtube or hulu or just chat all wrapped up in one system. The only downfall I find is the price of the games themselves as well as the price of the controllers. Also the camera for camera games provides a terrible picture.

I love the PS3. Didn't have one until me and my fiance moved in together. I was for Xbox and he was for PS3. He completely converted me. More often than not I find myself grabbing for the PS3 controller before the Xbox one. The system has never messed up for me.

I have been a fan of the Sony Playstation brand since my first Playstation. It is truly amazing how awesome every game looks on the PS3. I enjoy watching Netflix streaming on my PS3 & the fact that the Internet is free is a bog selling point.

I love this game system it is really cool

We absolutely love the ps3 in this household. The graphics are beyond awesome and the games just keep getting greater and greater. My husband is a complete addict and I love to join in. Our one year old loves to dance to it and jump around. It's just great all around! I prefer this over any gaming system.