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  • xxsmallwonderxx By  xxsmallwonderxx    

    I have a family of 5 and we absolutely love our wii! Everyone from my 2 year old to my 32 year old husband play it. I enjoy the fitness games, my husband the racing, RPG games and my little ones love everything from seeing their favorite characters to learning and exploring. I have always been a nintento fan since the very first nintendo system came out. Ive branched off and bought a PS3 and Xbox but we shortly traded them in for nintendo games as nothing can compare.

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  • sramos1 By  sramos1    

    My son loves the Wii. I do think the controller is a bit more complicating for him to use than the controllers for PS3 and Xbox.

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    This is so fun for the whole family! Love getting down on my kids level and playing the Wii!

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  • arwenvevenstar By  arwenvevenstar    

    One of my all time favorite game systems! This is a great family game counsel that anyone of any age can enjoy.

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  • ErikaSommer By  ErikaSommer    

    Nintendo has yet to fail at making a system, in my eyes. I am 29 and still haven't out grown regular Nintendo. I don't see me growing out of Wii anytime soon either. My favorite system.It's easy to use and manage.

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  • ihrtbroadway By  ihrtbroadway    

    I had so much fun playing my Wii once-upon-a-time. I left town to visit with family and while gone my roommates had a party and someone broke it. My favorite part about the Wii is that it's active and fun. Also fun for the whole family! I'm a Nintendo fan, so when the Wii came out I was excited to get back into my old gaming roots.

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  • borelliam By  borelliam    

    I am not a big gamer, although i do have several classic nitendo games I play occasionally. I use the wii mostly to stream netflix to my television. What a technological masterpiece!!

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  • ksherfield1 By  ksherfield1    

    I have the black wii and it has become my most used gadget in the house apart from my laptop! I will adit that Netflix and Hulu and musch to do with that but I love it! I love that I am able to play games, and also watch my favorite shows and movies with just a click of a button. The wii is the best.

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  • LeighanneCollum By  LeighanneCollum    

    This game system gets you up and moving however being in a small home it could be harder to move around. But it's a workout and definitely fun!

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  • Flarelady By  Flarelady    

    My sons love the wii. There are so many good games for them. Pokemon ones they like and cartoon games. I think the wii is more of a children's system. I prefer the Nintendo 3DS or PS3.

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  • Jackie-Boston By  Jackie-Boston    

    My Husband and I bought this for our son a while ago and I ended up with it in our room because you can play blue ray dvd's and I had the Red Box Instant membership which I could whatch the movies on the Wii. But I was thinking of using it for exercise games, but I haven't done it yet?

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  • MommyFavorites By  MommyFavorites    

    This is such a great family and individual game console. And some of the games like Wii Sports give you the best workout. My kids of course are hooked on the Swapforce games and Mario Bros. This year I'm looking into getting Wii U which offers a lot more-even 3D capability.

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  • Sarafudge By  Sarafudge    

    So annoying to use for netflex. If my xbox is broken, that's the only time I use my wii. And even then I don't actually play games on it. Waste of money

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  • sswatkins09 By  sswatkins09    

    Love the wii. Great for kids of all ages

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  • ishibishi By  ishibishi    

    I love the wii. My husband and I got it when it first came out years ago and we still have it hooked up to our tv. We don't play it as often anymore though. We now have kids and our daughter plays some games on it now. Its a great kids console. We enjoy it a lot!

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