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  • lcollier33 By  lcollier33    

    This product is amazing!! I have been using it for my daughter who is 4 months old, and it has really helped with her stuffy noses. We just moved up north and she was so snotty and had such a hard time breathing. I truly believe this product was a saving grace for her!

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  • averbockel By  averbockel    

    This product is awesome for helping with congestion! I use this on my daughter and myself. I have sensitive skin and this product does not irritate me. Because it is a bubble bath my daughter loves when I use this product. It does have that very strong vapor smell, but its supposed to! I like that her skin is smoother after the bubble bath. This product is great for those moms that want to use homeopathic methods for treating a child's congestion!

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  • khameme09 By  khameme09    

    Best thing for a sick kid and even used it my self when I was sick!

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  • Tifftiff By  Tifftiff    

    Great product for when my baby is sick. Always have some

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  • TracyLaigle By  TracyLaigle    

    I love using this product on my three yr old, especially if she is fussy or has a cold. It calms and soothes and helps her get a good nights sleep.

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  • gina33 By  gina33    

    This a great product .. My kids love them but I love the most... My kids smell good after bathing with it.

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  • cadz24 By  cadz24    

    love the way my baby skin feels.

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  • Jen0824 By  Jen0824    

    Great for when my toddler was sick, it cleared up her congestion and seem to calm her down immediately.

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  • Amykins32 By  Amykins32    

    This bath works great when my son is congested. We usually have bath time before bed, so when I use this vapor bath, it not only helps to clear congestion, but it also helps to soothe him and help him fall asleep better when he has a cold. Usually when my son gets a cold, he eventually passes it to me, so I also benefit from this bath during his bath-time!

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  • msbleu87 By  msbleu87    

    When my children were babies this is what I would use when they were congested or sick! Excellent product

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  • TerTeaRay By  TerTeaRay    

    Love using this for myself as well as my family. I even have my parents using it. Always stock up with this product during the winter months.

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  • ASTopper By  ASTopper    

    Ok nows heres a 2 part review. Im 42 and I use this when I'm sick! This is the best stuff for little ones and grown ones. I used this for my girls and to this day they still use it. They each get it in their Xmas stocking each year even tho they are grown. I always keep a couple of bottles on hand in the winter and flu season. I stocked up when I had a hard time trying to find it.

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  • honestlyaveri By  honestlyaveri    

    Love this stuff! It works wonders and is a nice smell for mommy while she helps baby bathe too :)

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  • Leahwick By  Leahwick    

    My son's first cold was so scary as a new parent! He was stuffy and miserable so I was too! A friend gave me a bottle of this and it worked wonders! My son breathed easier and so did I!

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  • slicona By  slicona    

    Flu and cold season are no match when I have soothing Vapor in my bathwater. When ever I start to notice signs that my son is coming down with something I give him a super long bath with 3 cap fulls of this and that's as far as the illness gets. Works for adults too:)

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